Monday, February 8, 2010

NCHSAA exec director Adams to have gym named after him

The Wake County Board of Education has approved the naming of the Cary High School gymnasium in honor of retiring N.C. High School Athletic Association executive director Charlie Adams, a multi-sport athlete at Cary High, who later coached basketball there. He retired recently after a 42-year career with the NCHSAA, 25 as executive director.


JAT said...

What a d@mn shame.

Adams sits on $13m. while schools go without defibulators (a N&O expose brought SOME change) and athletic trainers.

Is the NCHSAA still leasing a convertible BMW?

Just absurd.

PS -- Langston, how many years ago did I warn you about this guy? 5? 6?

Anonymous said...

It is a crime to sit on a 13 million endowment when high schools go without. It is also a crime to devise a a and aa playoff system in which the state rakes in millions and builds posh offices. Someone needs to expose this.