Friday, February 19, 2010

Metrolina Athletic Conference All-League Basketball Teams

Varsity Boys -- MAC All-Conference Team 2009-2010

Caleb Bacon – Metrolina

Chad Frazier – Metrolina

Myles Funderburke – Hickory Grove

Will Grier – Southlake

Kyle Grisby – First Assembly

T.J. Hallice – Metrolina

Zack Hayes – Gaston Christian

Travis Liner – Northside

Jamal Mitchell – Northside

Shelton Mitchell – Covenant Day

Brandon Murr – First Assembly

Gary Pollard - Northside

Derek Santiago – Southlake

Seth Simmons – First Assembly

David Wishon – First Assembly

Varsity Girls -- MAC All-Conference Team 2009-2010

Hilliary Adams (Covenant Day)

Kelsey Burgess (Gaston Christian)

Katie Calloway (Metrolina)

Liz Casey (WCCS)

Chelsea Douglas (Hickory Grove)

Alexis Grant (First Assembly)

Brittany Green (Gaston Christian)

Paris Johnson (First Assembly)

Bethany Lesh (Covenant Day)

Karley Nyman (WCCS)

Millette Terrell (Hickory Grove)

Kristen Wakefield (Southlake)

Paige Whitaker (First Assembly)

Lauren White (Hickory Grove)

Jordan Whitesides (Gaston Christian)


Anonymous said...

jeez. looks like everyone in this league makes all-conf. i counted 15. thats about 5 too many if you want to make all-conf mean something.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous II

There are 8 teams in the conference 12 to 15 on the all Conference team would be normal. At least two other area public conferences had 12. You shouldn't make an attempt to demean these kids accomplishments. You must have had a kid that didn't make their all conference team.