Friday, February 19, 2010

Hopewell girls, West Charlotte boys win I MECK titles

Hopewell's girls beat Lake Norman 56-49 to win the I-MECK conference tournament championship and the league's No. 1 playoff seed. Hopewell, Lake Norman and Mallard Creek tied for the regular season title.

In the boys game, JT Terrell only scored 20 for West Charlotte after scoring 44 and 45 the first two games. He scored 109 for the tournament. The 20 Friday was good enough for a 75-70 upset over Lake Norman.

West Charlotte beat No 1 seed Hopewell and No. 2 seed Lake Norman on back to back nights. The Lions had lost to those two teams four times during the regular season.


ncsujags said...

What an AWESOME accomplishment for the West Charlotte basketball team and for West Charlotte High School. After loosing to Hopewell and Lake Norman twice during the regular season. They beat them when it counted!

" Where are the pics Observer stafff"


Lack of class as LN turned their backs on WC during intros. Grow's a never tied(except at the tipoff) or lead....guess now ya know! Dub C=LION PRIDE.

Anonymous said...

WC, not only had to endure playing the game, but had to do so among such rudeness. I can't believe that after the announcer spoke about game behavior of the attendees, that this school would allow such antics. They not only turned their backs to the WC family and players, but, they used the bull---- words several times as well as to tell WC to F--- you. Where was the principal or anyone with authority or decency to put the crowd out?