Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tyler Lewis, a Charlotte 49ers recruit, is a joy to watch

Wednesday night, I got a chance to go watch Forsyth Country Day guard Tyler Lewis, who is one of the more, um, controversial N.C. high school college recruits around.

Lewis is 5-foot-9 and probably 150 pounds. He's not that big yet, but he's a sophomore with plenty of time to grow and get stronger. But I hear more coaches and scouts throwing around questions about him than just about any other player I can think of.

It's always "I don't think he's big enough" or "he can't guard anyone" or "he's not tall enough."

People don't seem to be able to give this kid the credit he's due. He's started since 7th grade on high school varsity. In 7th grade, he had 20 point games. Now, he's averaging 23 points and 8 assists on a team playing a very tough schedule. Lewis had 27 points and 8 assists against 4A power West Charlotte last month, for example.

To me, the ultimate barometer of whether or not you can play in college is by which coaches choose to offer you. Wake Forest is watching Lewis closely, and he's got offers from Charlotte, Richmond, Appalachian State, Auburn and Virginia Commonwealth.

Those coaches think he's got D-1 game, and really that's all that matters.

I think he'd be a great fit at Charlotte, where his brother Colby, is a walk-on player. I think he'll be effective in college wherever he goes. Lewis has an incredible understanding of the game, a lights-out jump shot and the ability to handle the ball and pass it that most kids don't come close to. He's not John Wall, but who is? It seems that when we evaluate college talent, we always want the next kid to be as good as the best kid in college.

College is not full of John Walls. Tyler Lewis will do fine in school.

"People have opinions," Lewis said after torching Country Day for 19 points, 9 assists, 3 rebounds, 3 steals and 2 blocks in Wednesday's 79-46 win. "People tell me I'm not going to do something or I'm too small. And I do play with a chip sometimes, but most times, I go out, play hard and have fun. Really you just want to try to get the victory. To me, that's all that matters."


metro said...

The Niners need you!! Be a hometown hero like Curry did.

-Niner alum

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