Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Southwestern 4A wrestling tournaments called off

There will be no conference Southwestern 4A wrestling tournament in Mecklenburg County this season.

School officials say the tournament has been losing large amounts of money in recent years. The conferences voted in the spring to stop the tournament, after consulting with wrestling coaches.

So this year, conference teams will finish the regular season and skip the tournament, which would've been held Feb. 6. Qualifying teams will go to dual team tournaments and qualifying individual wrestlers will go to the individual regional tournament Feb. 19-20.


Anonymous said...

Where is the equity? Why not cancel the other sports conference tournaments as well?? Some of the minor sports probably face the same reveune drain, and these young men & women work harder than many other athletes to be denied a conference championship. I find it hard to believe that the coaches chose this.

Anonymous said...

This explanation seems bunk! A schedule came out this fall originally listing East Meck, then Independence as host. This is pathetic.