Thursday, January 7, 2010

Charlotte recruit, Waddell's Pressley, to take time on college

Waddell High 6-8 center Jervon Pressley has 3-point range, can dominate inside and has world's of potential.

His coach, Jermaine Walker, wants Pressley to be more consistent. He doesn't like seeing the 20-point game followed by a 6-point game.

"He's getting there," Walker said this week. "We just need him to focus in a little harder. We know the talent is there."

Pressley has helped the Raiders to a 10-3 start this season. According to Walker, the Charlotte 49ers are recruiting Pressley hard. Pressley has an offer from the 49ers as well as Cincinnati, James Madison, Mississippi and South Carolina. He averages 9 points, 7 rebounds and 5 blocks.

He said he's not thinking about committing to any colleges right now.

"When his production meets his potential, watch out," national recruiting analyst Dave Telep said. "You can go all across the country and it's difficult to find guys with his physical attributes. If he is OK with being a forceful rebounder and explosive finisher, he's got a big future. I'm sure mid-level schools would like to get him in their back pocket and not let anybody find out about him, and big schools, because of his size, have to know what's going on, because if the monster wakes up, watch out."

Waddell plays at Olympic for first place in the ME-GA conference Friday night at 7:30 p.m.

-- Langston Wertz Jr.


Anonymous said...

Come to Charlotte and be a star or go somewhere else and carry the bags for a McDonallds All-American. It won't be that you are not as talented as them. It's just some schools have to protect their McDonald image, so they can continue to get big name players.

Anonymous said...

Finally some UNCC grads that take pride in their school.

Good job!

Jeff said...

Nothing better than going to a Niners fan and cheering for the local players who have stayed at home ! Lew Massey, Demarco Johnson, Curtis Withers, Jobey Thomas, Dijuan Harris...just to name a few !!!