Monday, November 23, 2009

Olympic sweeps ME-GA 7 all conference football awards

2009 MEGA 7 Conference Football


Lucas Beatty, Olympic

Justin Clark, East Gaston

Running Backs

Mike Huff, Olympic

Thadus Benton, East Gaston

Emanuel Robinson, Harding

Angelo Acitelli, Catholic

Offensive Line

Tyler Hough Jenkins, Olympic

Taylor Wade, Olympic

Jovan Dudley, Waddell

Matt Rutherford, East Gaston

Jayson Carson, East Gaston

Jamall Allen, Hardin

Emanuel McCrae, Harding

Derrick Brown, West Meck.

Nick White, Catholic

Adam Farley, Catholic


Rahiem Jennings, Olympic

Anthony Henderson, Olympic

Jahmeek Daniels, West Meck.

Naquan Brown, West Meck

John Brockington, Garinger

Nate Landi, Catholic


Eddie Graves, Harding

Ryan Gibbons, Catholic


Jessy Roy, Catholic

Offensive Specialist

David Johnson, Garinger

Defensive Line

Mark Anderson, Olympic

Isaiah Davis, Waddell

Darren Patton, Waddell

Michael Cathcart, East Gaston

Rhett Odom, East Gaston

Aquil Steward, Harding

Justin Davis, Harding

Maysieo Tanks, Garinger

Defensive Backs

Denzel Hooks, Olympic

Kenneth Elmore, Olympic

Charles Johnson, East Gaston

Cameron Sullivan, Harding

Walt Gwin, Harding

Davonta Green, Garinger

Mathew Sawyer, Catholic

Shawn Brown, West Meck.


Sean Hubbard, Olympic

Sayyid Muhammad, Olympic

Josh Doster, East Gaston

Steven Skyles, East Gaston

Kyree Thames, Harding

Donald Wynn, West Meck.

Maximo Martinez, Garinger

Collin Manning, Catholic


Richard Sigmon, East Gaston

Offensive Player of the Year: Mike Huff, Olympic

Defensive Player of the Year: Sean Hubbard, Olympic

Coach of the Year: Barry Shuford, Olympic


Anonymous said...

When will other meck county all conference football awards be announced?

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these conferences should be cool, my dad when I was a child attended several since the era of the organizing committee, but since nobody in my family died returned to attend these places

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