Monday, November 30, 2009

No presale of tickets for Butler-Indy II

There will be no presale of tickets to the general public for Friday’s N.C. 4AA semifinal between Independence and Butler. The game will be played at 6,000-seat Providence High.

Kickoff is Friday at 7:30 p.m. The Providence parking lot will open at 5 p.m. and tickets will go on sale at 5:30. Tickets cost $8 each. Varsity football players, band members (who are performing Friday) and varsity cheerleaders from both schools will be allowed to buy two tickets each in advance at school this week. No passes will be accepted except N.C. High School coaches passes.

The game was moved to Providence because Butler’s home field seats only about 2,500, well short of the 4,000 required by the N.C. High School Athletic Association.

Mecklenburg County system athletics director Vicki Hamilton said there wasn’t time to organize a pre-sale of tickets as the schools had before their regular-season meeting at Independence. All tickets were sold out more than 48 hours before kickoff for that game, which Butler won 31-24 on Nov. 6.

Hamilton said Providence’s field seats 4,000 on the home side, which will be Butler’s, and 2,000 on the visitors. She added that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is bringing in professional parking attendants and ticket personnel as well as adding additional lighting in the parking areas. She said Providence had more parking spaces than any school in CMS and fans would also be parked on on-campus practice fields, as was the case at Independence.

“This was a joint effort between the three schools, Butler, Independence and Providence,” she said. “It was neat to see 27 people (Monday) come together to plan this. We had police from Mint Hill, Matthews, CMS and CMPD, plus area superintendents. I would challenge any system in the state to pull that many people together to pull off a football game.”


Anonymous said...

It would be nicer for the Panthers organization to step forward and come through.

B.Lane said...

I understand the logistics, needing to keep each side's fans separate and that it's just what happens to be the layout of the two facilities. But I can't help but feel like it's unfair that for the reg. season game, Indy only got a few hundred more tickets than Butler for their true home game, but for this 'home' game for Butler, the Bulldogs will have 2,000 more fans, double the amount Indy will have. Again, I know that's just the way it panned out, not a conspiracy or anything, but it's still a bummer for the Patriots.

Anonymous said...

CMS CANNOT disallow any bona fide NCHSAA media pass. This is not a coach's pass either.

Butler and Independence are members of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association(NCHSAA). Their officials and media reps tender identification issued by the organization with the individuals name on the pass. CMS has NO authority to deny the holder passage....period. The Observer needs to clarify this.

Anonymous said...

Your score for 1AA team: Goldsboro 21 and Southwest Onslow 0 (2nd Half) is incorrect. Halftime score is Goldsboro 0 and Southwest Onslow 28

Anonymous said...

Your score for 1AA teams : Goldsboro 21 Southwest Onslow 0 (2nd Half) is wrong. Correct score is Goldsboro 0 Southwest Onslow 28 (halftime)