Monday, November 30, 2009

Mallard Creek dominates I-Meck all-conference football


Coach of the Year: Michael Palmieri Mallard Creek

Offensive Player of the Year: Marquise Williams Mallard Creek

Defensive Player of the Year: D'vonte Grant Mallard Creek

Special Teams Player of the Year: Calvin Hunter Vance

Punter of the Year: Michael Tart Mallard Creek

Kicker of the Year: Michael Watson Mooresville


Brad Clay Senior North Mecklenburg

Running Backs:

James Cloud Senior Lake Norman

Taylor Beamon Senior Mallard Creek

Jalen Simmons Junior West Charlotte

Dondre Lewis-Freeman Junior Hopewell

Xavier Joplin Senior North Mecklenburg

Marshaun Edwards Senior Mooresville

Wide Receivers/Tight ends:

Jaquez Vanderburg Senior Lake Norman

Jela Duncan Sophomore Mallard Creek

Louis Mitchell Senior Mallard Creek

Tyler Hamilton Junior Vance

Michael Haffner Senior Hopewell

Taylor Chiesa Senior North Mecklenburg

Dalton Pierce Senior Mooresville

Offensive Linemen:

Kane Sherrill Senior Lake Norman

Chris Timmons Senior Lake Norman

Devin Flowers Junior Mallard Creek

Clearance Montgomery Senior West Charlotte

Jaquan Mobley Senior West Charlotte

Pablo Alva Junior Vance

Sean Beaty Senior Hopewell

Jonathan Jones Senior Hopewell

Anthony Hill Senior Mooresville

Defensive Lineman:

Chandler Caldwell Senior Lake Norman

Dirqual Ellis Senior Lake Norman

Lynden Pinnock Senior Mallard Creek

Brent Spisak Junior Mallard Creek

Alex Glover Junior Mallard Creek

Britton Grier Junior West Charlotte

Joseph Goodman Senior West Charlotte

Casey Ifedi Senior Vance

Malcolm Bryant Senior Vance

Kevin Hart Senior Hopewell

Latham York Junior North Mecklenburg


Connor Donoghue Senior Lake Norman

Cameron Stephenson Senior Mallard Creek

Evan Strange Senior Mallard Creek

Barrett Blue Senior West Charlotte

Jarvaris Massey Senior West Charlotte

Darius Williams Senior Vance

Devonte Applewhite Senior Vance

Justin Avery Senior Hopewell

Chance Miller Senior Hopewell

Defensive Backs:

Davis Ray Senior Lake Norman

Matt Browning Junior Mallard Creek

Ardy Holmes Junior West Charlotte

Dechane Durante Senior Vance

Calvin Hunter Junior Vance

Justin Beatty Junior Vance

Donshae Joyce Senior North Mecklenburg

Barkley Torrence Senior Mooresville


Anonymous said...

How can Calvin Hunter from Vance High school get special team player of the year and DB too and not be one of your sleepers for 2010-2011 football season? Let me quess; you have to be part of Butler or Independance program..

Anonymous said...

I agree but also Vance DB Dechane Durante is a future college star and he is not getting the attention that he deserves he is one of the top football and basketball players in the state.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's not getting the attention because he hasn't done anything to get attention for..?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Your kidding me right, if these two guys havent done anything to get the attention as you say. Then why did both guys make all-conference the past three years? Oh, i forgot your a bulter or independance fan! By the way go Independance cant stand Bulter coach..

Anonymous said...

That school Mallard Creek has over 10 players on this list

Anonymous said...

Thats cause mallard creek gettin it innnn!! we in here bruh!

Anonymous said...