Saturday, November 7, 2009

Playoff brackets updated; Butler gets No. 1 seed

The NCHSAA has updated its football playoff brackets and has moved Butler to the No. 1 seed in Class 4AA.

A preliminary version had the Bulldogs at No. 2 behind Richmond Senior, despite having beaten the Raiders head-to-head.

The change moves Butler away from state powers Mallard Creek and Independence and also avoids a possible second-round matchup with Providence.

It also opens the door for a possible Butler-Independence rematch in the state semifinal next month should both teams advance.

-- Complete pairings


Anonymous said...

Knotts is crying somewhere in his foamy beer about being ranked #6 lol.

Anonymous said...

Not too much to complain about. Conference winners get the highest seeds, even if they aren't necessarily the better teams, and Indy didn't win their conference.

Anonymous said...

This whole process is out of whack.

How does 10-1 Dudley get seeded ahead of 11-0 Ragsdale? I know they drop one non-conference game for seeding purposed, but if there is a tie (ie 2 10-0 teams) they break the tie. The first is head to head - Ragsdale beat Dudley earlier this year. They should have the higher seed.

Anonymous said...

a 2nd round rematch of Richmond Senior and Providence would be cool to see. However, there are two many rematches in the first round. Hopewell v. Mallard Creek? There in the same conference for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

a Butler v. Indy/Mallard Creek state semi-final match would be epic! We wound need Panthers stadium for that crowd

Anonymous said...

Were would the 2nd round Mallard Creek vs. Independence be played at Indy or at MC