Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No prep football at Memorial Stadium in 2009

There will be no football games at Memorial Stadium this season.

Facility manager Mike Moraglia told the Observer that a storm water tunnel underneath the stadium had burst, causing soil erosion under the bleachers on one side of the facility. Some of the bleachers collapsed. Workers began to fence off the area today and plan to start digging tomorrow to reach the tunnel, repair it and then repair the bleachers.

The erosion happened, Moraglia said, in the soil that supports the concrete bleachers in the horseshoe end of the Stadium. That caused portions of the bleachers to cave in. Moraglia said the damage was limited to that area.

Moraglia said the entire repair process would take five to six months.

"We've got nothing, no high school, no playoffs, no college, no nothing," Moraglia said. "I don't know where else they can play some of the games we normally host. You can't fit 10,000 people anywhere in Charlotte like we normally have for the Independence-Butler game. Now a lot of people can't make that. But we hope to be up and running next spring and fill the slate with plenty of games."

Several years ago, Memorial Stadium hosted regular-season games weekly for high school teams in a package called "Big Friday." Some schools still opt to use it for big postseason games.

There is one regular-season game scheduled for Memorial Stadium this year, Butler vs. Independence on Nov. 6. It is Independence's home game and Patriots athletics director Kelly Lewis said the game would be held on campus. Independence's stadium seats about 4,000. Memorial seats 24,000.

There will be no presale of tickets, Lewis said.

Langston Wertz Jr.


Anonymous said...

If Butler and Indy roll into the last game both 10-0 the Panthers need to step up and offer them the use of BofA. The NFL team is on the road the previous week and that weekend so it would not interfere with them.

Why not rope off the closed end area of the stadium that has the issue? It will be disillusioning for a game with this type of prestige to go back to the campus. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, does this mean no other events like Oktoberfest as well?

Ryan said...

Oktoberfest wasn't going to be at Memorial this year anyway. It's slated to be held at the Music Factory this year.

Anonymous said...

Johnson C Smith has a nice stadium that the High Schools could play in depending on their football schedule.

Anonymous said...

You know its a shame theres not another Stadium that size or larger in the Charlotte region that CMS could use for football games...(hint hint Charlotte 49ers stadium) Why not team up with the U to help build a stadium for dual purpose. It would help both the community and the CHARLOTTES'S University out tremendously

Ryan said...

Johnson C. Smith's stadium only holds 4500. That's not much better than what Independence has.

jdcatheyjr said...

it would be a travisity if both teams finish undefeated,playing for #1 seed in the playoffs,and the panthers do not step up and do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment about building a stadium with UNCC. Charlotte is too large to have pitiful stadiums. Ardrey Kell has a beautiful stadium but the capacity in the stands in ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Seriously?? A travesty?? You are over-inflating the value of that game. Why would the Panthers give up their stadium for a HIGH SCHOOL GAME & risk damage to the field or stadium??? It's not even close to the same level and just opens the door for thousands of other fans who want to see their favorite HS team play at BofA Stadium. Plus, lets not play favorites with Indy or Butler ...or any other CMS school, especially until they can figure out how to play by the rules and not try to sneak in ineligible players.

If they want a bigger venue, tell the fans & boosters to pay for a bigger stadium. We're all already paying for the police it takes to control traffic for games at Memorial Stadium.

I agree with the first post - secure the closed area and make due with the rest of the stadium.

Anonymous said...

If they can play high school games in facilities like Kenan Memorial, Carter-Finley, Wallace Wade and BB&T Field, there's no reason BofA Stadium cannot be used. A couple games there should not chew up the field that badly. If it does, then the Panthers need to look at putting in FieldTurf--something they definitely need to do in Pittsburgh.