Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Week 1 prep football schedule presents major opportunities

I made this point last spring, when we got our first peek at the football schedules, but I think it bears repeating now, as we are about a month away from opening kickoffs.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has a special opportunity on the first week of the season with the type of schedule you'd expect to see deep into the playoffs.

Right now, scheduled for Friday, Aug. 21, we have: Mount Tabor at Butler, defending state champ Richmond Senior at Providence, East Meck at West Charlotte, South Meck at Catholic and Independence at Mallard Creek.

What a shame to make true high school football fans choose. And this is the type of schedule that will draw out fringe fans. All these games have big time college recruits, rivalry implications and pit some of the state's best teams against each other.

I think CMS should move the games around a bit. In the old days, Mecklenburg County schools played Thursday, Friday and Saturday dates at Memorial Stadium. This would be a great opportunity to bring that type of idea back for one week.

Do, say, Tabor at Butler on Thursday and Richmond at Providence Friday and Indy at Mallard Creek on Saturday. That way, fans would have a much better chance of seeing all the great teams and talent. it could give fans fewer tough choices to make.

-- Langston Wertz Jr.


KountKlepto said...

Looking foward to being in Charlotte on Aug 21. If they could do a 3 day event like that, I'd totally drive out from Rockingham on Thursday and spend a couple of nights to see those games. You are right, that night will be loaded with quality matchups in the Queen City. I don't imagine it would be too hard to move a game to Thursday. However, if you schedule on Saturday, you take away one of your weather make-up opportunities. It would be tough having your first game on a Monday or Tuesday and then play your second on Friday.

Runng said...


The Thursday game with Butler and Mt Tabor could logistically happen. I dont think there is a JV game on that Thursday night.

Anonymous said...

If you want to play games on different days, you are asking a lot of your coaches now. Back when CMS did this, there were no summer workouts, and coaches did not open the doors until the first day of practice. Today it is not like that. They work almost year round now. You want to do that, then pay these coaches more.

Anonymous said...

Yea and in the ole days there was only one CMS conference too.

It seems a pathetic waste to not have these former Thur Fri and Sat nite games be played off Mint St in the NFL stadium.

Memorial Stadium is a dump and has been around for 100 yrs and falling apart.

There is NO reason local high school football games cant be played at BOA stadium.

Who cares if those overrated Panthers think the local high school athletes are not good enough to play there. Screw them. There may be some good clean honest football played there for a change.

Richardson needs to give the OK just be a good guy. The field or stadium would not be damaged in any way if highs schools used it.

They could charge a little extra to pay for the lights on the admission ticket.

JUST DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve said...

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