Thursday, July 23, 2009

All-state private star going public for more competition

Gaston Day all-state basketball player Corey Raley Ross is transferring to Harding, his father told the Observer.

Robert Ross said he was moving his son to Harding in order to help get him ready for college. He said he will enroll his son "within two weeks." Corey, a 6-3 senior guard, has 14 midmajor scholarship offers. His brother, Brandis, is a former Myers Park and Gaston Day standout who is a rising senior at South Carolina.

Corey Raley Ross was a N.C. 2A Independent Schools all-state pick last season, when he was named to the Charlotte Observer's All-Observer third team, signifying him as one of the top 15 players in the newspaper's 110-school coverage area in North and South Carolina.

He averaged more than 23 points per game last season for Gaston Day, where he's attended since eighth grade, commuting from Charlotte daily. His father lives in the Harding zone.

"Academic-wise, there's none better," his father, Robert Ross said of Gaston Day, "but the competition isn't as strong as the public school competition. I want him to make the transition to collegiate ball the right way and I've got to have him playing against athletes every day."

-- Langston Wertz Jr.


Anonymous said...

Another great job of recruiting.Taking the cue from Independance.

Anonymous said...

There is no attendence zone that serves Harding. Harding is a full county magnet. All student must apply through the lottery and as of July 2009 per the CMS website Harding does not have any available seat. They would need to get on the waiting list with everyone else. Let's not bend the rules.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that he lives 4 minutes from the school if that. He lives off freedom.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Harding is the last school that would recruit, any transfers from within the CMS system have to sit out a year because Harding does not have a home zone like every other school in CMS.

This kid is coming in from outside of the CMS system, and given the fact he lives very close to the school and is a senior, I'm sure there is some kind of hardship case here. Harding is a pretty good basketball school, but really, if he was trying to get showcased he would have gone somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Whine...whine...whine....whine....LOL Get your facts striaght before you try to Cry Foul. Harding recruiting??? LOL WOW That's a FARRRRR Reach in this case. And by the way, Harding does have a "Zone". The kids lives off of Freedom, which is in the "Zone". Kids living inside this Zone (The area around Harding) they don't have to go on a list. My niece used to play Basketball for Harding, and the same thing happened to her. Her mother moved to a house, inside this "Zone". So she didn't have to go through the same process as a kid who is living in Indy's "Zone" but wants to go to Harding. Please quit whining about Harding.

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