Monday, June 8, 2009

CMS not adding lacrosse as sanctioned sport next fall

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will not add any new varsity sports for the 2009-2010 school year, including lacrosse.

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) recently voted to add lacrosse as a sanctioned varsity sport

Currently, lacrosse in CMS is a club sport and will continue to be a club sport; however, the NCHSAA has agreed to allow CMS club lacrosse teams to compete in conference games, including the state championships

In order to participate in conference play, club lacrosse teams must follow all CMS and NCHSAA rules for eligibility, including academic and residency eligibility, annual sports screenings and full insurance coverage. Club teams who wish to participate in conference play must commit by Sept. 1.

"We appreciate the NCHSAA for allowing our student-athletes to compete on a conference level with other lacrosse teams," said Vicki Hamilton, CMS director of athletics. "Our club teams are highly competitive and we look forward to following them through the season and the state championships."

At this time, eight CMS high schools have expressed an interest in fielding club lacrosse teams next year, including boys' and girls' teams at North Mecklenburg, Hopewell, Myers Park, Butler, South Mecklenburg, Ardrey Kell and Providence. Mallard Creek has indicated an interest in boys' club lacrosse.

-- Observer news services


Anonymous said...

No surprise by CMS, how about just letting the club programs utilize the facilities and fields and allow the parents to continue and support the programs monetarily? Also, why not mandate that all participants pay a fee to play the other Varsity and JV sports to offset the costs???

Michelle said...

vicki hamilton is a bonehead, please show her the door Gorman

Anonymous said...

Ms. Hamilton just doesn't get it. Just let EVERYBODY pay to play sports, that would make it fair for all aspiring athletes. Call it the Fairl Play Tax, or let just funding be determined by actual spectator attendance, then we would see how poorly that the golf, tennis, soccer and indoor track programs are supported instead of the fastest sport on two feet.

mid24 said...

Lacrosse is a Spring sport.

Anonymous said...

We don't need your stinkin support or desire to follow our "club" sports as we compete against other school supported programs. Don't boast or brag about us when we bring postive publicity to the city and yes, CMS.

The Power of LAX

Anonymous said...

Ms. Vicki doesn't even know when the season is even played, Spring time, not during football season. Geez, no wonder there is still no recognition or respect.

Anonymous said...

In the worst economic times of recent memory a small minority of people are wanting a majority to "pay to play" so the sport they play can be added. Bad timing.

The schools that are interested would appear to have the parental resources to support the programs. Are there specific mandates or numbers that must be attained to add a sport?

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Earth to the Observer. One of the teams you list as "expressing an interest" in fielding a team is the current state champion.

Jessica said...

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