Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lineup card mistake doesn't affect Butler

Butler's baseball team batted out of order in the fiest inning, but it didn't hurt in a 6-1 victory at Myers Park in the N.C. 4A playoffs on Tuesday.

Brandon McWhirter, eighth in the order, inadvertently went to the plate in the seventh spot. He took the first pitch for a ball, and Myers Park coach John Spencer notified the home plate umpire.

Ben Berkey, seventh in the order, inherited the 1-0 count when he replaced McWhirter. The next pitch hit hit Berkey, and McWhirter, batting where he was supposed to, flew out to end the inning.

If Myers Park would have let McWhirter finish his at-bat in the wrong spot, and he had reached base, he would have been automatically out.

- Cliff Mehrtens