Wednesday, May 6, 2009

High schools asked to shorten their seasons

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association Board of Directors concluded its spring meeting on Wednesday at
the Simon F. Terrell Building by taking a number of actions.

Among the items approved was a strong statement from the Board relative to cost containment measures:

“The North Carolina High School Athletic Association Board of Directors, in light of the difficult economic times which have hit our state, strongly encourages local school systems and NCHSAA member schools to consider voluntary reductions in regular season contests, especially in junior varsity non-conference games and non revenue sports. Other cost-saving measures for athletics could be considered by schools and conferences, and some suggestions will be posted on the NCHSAA web site and will be a major discussion item at regional meetings. Member schools are encouraged to share specific cost cutting ideas with NCHSAA staff.

“The Board will also put together a study committee to review other issues, such as number of playoff berths, number of regular season contests and lengths of season in a variety of sports.”

The Sports Medicine Advisory Committee had a March meeting and made several recommendations to the Board which were approved:
1.the NCHSAA Board of Directors went on record in general support of each member school hiring a North Carolina licensed or certified athletic trainer
2. That in order for any student receiving a head injury or suspected concussion, he or she must have the return to play form signed by a doctor licensed to practice medicine before being allowed to return to practice and/or play. Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) would develop form.

3. That each member school certify every year an updated emergency action plan, which includes the AED plan, is on file either in the principal’s or athletic director’s office, and that athletic personnel have reviewed and understand the EAP

4. Information concerning safety education and awareness be added to the NCHSAA eligibility power point; the additional slides will be developed by the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee. The recommendations go into effect July 1.

--some of the outline for lacrosse was approved by the Board. Men and women will both play open classification to start. Plan is that it would be a spring sport for both.

Number of games has been a subject of lots of discussion but recommendation will be a 16-game season limit, no
more than three a week. It will be governed by the spring sports calendar with the day of starting practice, etc. Two-person and three-person officiating crews will be allowed for regular season but will use three in playoffs. Site for championships is still TBA but Saturday, May 15 is tentative championship date for 2010, with Tuesday/Friday playoff games.

--Approved moving start of winter sports season back to November 1, rescinding earlier action by Board (November 2 for 2009-10 since the first is a Sunday)

--Voted to end an experiment in swimming qualifying procedures and move back to 2007-08 qualifying format for 3-A swimming and add regionals for 1-A/2-A swimming, based on the 3-A format

--The number allowed in skill development in wrestling was moved from seven to eight, since number of weight classes as increased since original number was set

--numbers for the 2-A classification in wrestling are now enough for its own tournament championship, so now there will be four different classification individual wrestling tournament championships; 1-A state tournament will
have eight person state bracket and 1-A will have its own regionals as a result

--sectional basketball for both men and women will be played on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with doubleheaders encouraged to lessen travel

--recommend staff be authorized to increase 1-A dual team tennis bracket based on what numbers may dictate with growth of sport at that classification; current bracket is 16, could go to 24 but not more than 32

--changed the fine from $100 to $500 for a booking agent using a non-registered or non-qualified official

-- Observer staff reports


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. This organization requires football to have five rounds and, by the way, doubles the number of championships to 8! That means these young guys go through as many games as an NFL player. That should be the first cut!

Anonymous said...

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association Board of Directors are a bunch of poo!!! I understand the economics of our economy but they are still a bunch of POO! How are you going to have an appeals policy and NEVER NEVER rule in favor of an appeal. They did Mallard Creek Mavericks wrong last season. The kids did the right thing and they still voted against them. What a bunch of POO!!! How much do you think these kids can take? You want to take everything away from them. I am not a supporter of NCHSAA!!!

Anonymous said...

The key of this article is REVENUE sports. Football brings in cash...more games...more cash. Most other sports drain on the cash supply. How could anyone bring Mallard Creek into this discussion????

Anonymous said...

Why not have students contribute to the costs on a sliding scale?? Lacrosse and other activities have had to do that for years.
The colleges and HS should not have to be in the sports entertainment business.