Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Economy hitting high school sports hard

N.C. High School Athletic Association executive director Charlie Adams said statewide gate revenues are down, investment revenue is down and the association has lost two of its major corporate sponsors.

"This is the worst financial report we've had," said Charlie Adams, the executive director of the NCHSAA.

The 2008 football playoffs drew 90,000 fewer spectators than in 2007.

Adams said the association's revenues are affected by unemployment and the general downturn in the economy.

"If you are unemployed right now, you might be struggling to find the money to feed your family," Adams said. "Attending a high school game isn't a priority."

The NCHSAA announced a grant program last fall that was going to promote citizenship, sportsmanship and character development. Proceeds from NCHSAA investments were expected to fund the grant program, but there is no investment income.

-- Raleigh News & Observer


Anonymous said...

Once again we get soft news - the NCHSAA is one of the richest organizations around - MILLIONS in the bank - extortionate fees - Once again the reported asks not real questions

Steve said...

If their income is really effected by unemployment, then they should do really well. There's lots and lots of unemployment, so that should bring about lots and lots of revenue.

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Anonymous said...

Quite honestly, I can't believe that school sports have taken a priority over keeping good teachers on staff. It seems to me that a lot of money is spent on transporting kids to and from sporting events but there isn't enough money in the budget to provide the kids with the education they need.

Anonymous said...


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