Friday, April 3, 2009

Wall: UNC is not recruiting me

University of North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams called top-ranked point guard John Wall on Thursday night, but Wall said the Tar Heels are not recruiting him.

"It wasn't anything major," Wall said. "He just called to check in, see how I was doing, what was going on. It's nothing big.

"North Carolina is not recruiting me right now."

Asked would he be interested in North Carolina if it began recruiting him, Wall said, "That's something we'd just have to wait and see."

Wall said earlier this week that Memphis was his leader, but that was before Coach John Calipari left for Kentucky. After Calipari's exit, Wall said Memphis was no longer his leader and that he had added Kentucky to his list. He was emphatic that Kentucky
was not his leader and that he has no leader anymore.

Also on his list are Duke, N.C. State, Baylor, Kansas, Memphis, Miami and Kentucky.

Friday, the Raleigh Word of God senior said he is still considering Memphis and is waiting to see who it names as head coach.

Wall is a 6-foot-4 point guard and the No. 1-ranked player in the country by

He has scheduled an official visit to Miami. -- Tim Stevens


Anonymous said...

Key word....UNC is not recruiting me RIGHT now. Of course their not, Roy has to worry about the FF, I think when they get back, you'll see this heat up a bit.

Funny that Wall is going against Clifton now.

Anonymous said...

Were I Coach K, I would not want him at Duke. He will be one and done.

Anonymous said...

Kid, has some serious baggage. AAU coaches mentoring and assuming the father figure in his life. The Baylor deal appears to hinge upon one of these hanger-onners getting an asst. job. Can't believe Scott Drew is involved with this nonsense. He finally go that program back on track after what happened a few years back. The NCAA will be all over this. Wall should go to Europe and play, like Jennings did. He has no interest in academics so why waste a scholarship.

Anonymous said...

Wall is a perfect example of why you need the baseball rule in college basketball: Players can go straight to the pros after H.S., but if they go to college they have to stay 3 years. It would eliminate someone like Wall eating up a scholarship for a year with no intention of ever staying past the one year minimum. It would eliminate coaches having to recruit every position ever year because you don't know who may go and who may stay. It would eliminate the pressure on the kids who go to college to leave school after their freshman or sophomore year even if they're not ready for the NBA, because if they wait until after their Junior year they might drop in the draft simply because NBA teams would rather have a young 19 year old who just finished his freshamn year than a 21 or 22 year old. It would be good for the players who go to college, because if the NBA doesn't pan out for them they will have 3 years of college under their belt and should be able to get their degrees relatively quickly. It would be great for college fans because they can become attached to players again and watch the players develop and bloom over the course of their careers. It would also eliminate the ethical issues of shady coaches and programs renting a player for a year to try to win a National Title.

Anonymous said...

Everything wrong with college athletics rolled into one player!

One and done...check.

AAU coach/mentor/father-figure/gold-digger...check.

Number 1 college choice, but wait I may be switching because the coach is going somewhere else and now they are on my list...check.

"School" is just something between basketball practices...check.

This one is right up there with having two Hall of Fame coaches in the Final Four, one of which is under investigation for too many phone calls/text messages to a recruit and another who thinks it's OK for his players to head to the casinos before games while on school-sponsored trips.

He Roy...prostitution is legal in Nevada too. Is it OK for your players to go break off a piece before a know...cuz the teams wins when they do!

Anonymous said...

This is eerily similar to the Bryce Brown fiasco in college football. First it was Miami, then Oregon, then Miami again, then USC, LSU, and finally Tennessee.
It is ridiculous, just pick a school! You are only going to be there for a year anyway, why drag it out so much and play this game, "like well I don't know right now, I want to see who Memphis hires." Give me a break. These kids crave attention and that is exactly what he is getting plenty of.
College basketball needs to adopt a new rule so we can stop this crap. If you want to go to the NBA, fine, great, but if you go to college, you're going for at least 3 years.

Anonymous said...

This guy has told his AAU coach that he WANTS to plan for UNC. If Roy decides to stoop to that level Wall would be on the Campus (if he could find it) ASAP>

Anonymous said...

This whole situation has become a joke!Let's look at the scenario:

1. He wants to play at UNC. That has come from his AAU coach. There is the first problem, AAU coach is now synomous with agent or leech. By the way, every kid who plays basketball wants to play at a high profile program like Carolina. Why not unbelievable exposure via the tube, trip to the dance, and treated like a god.

2. "Coach K has told him he is interested". Also the kid is quoted as saying that K told him it has been along time since Duke had a good point guard. Sorry, punk I don't believe any coach would ever throw his entire team under the bus and make that statement, especially one with such integrity.

3. Well it appears as though this has become similar to the NBA teams picking up a player or two for the playoff run. College teams picking up a player, knowing quite well, that this kid is gone next year. Maybe Sam Cassel has some eligibility left, hell that's what he did his last years in the NBA.

4. Last, but definitely not least, Can this kind even qualify academically for college? How can they even figure out his transcript? He went to 3 or 4 High schools and ended up at that diploma mill in Raleigh, so carefully represented as this nice small Christian school founded on academics and religion. More hocus pocus. This place hired his AAU coach to be a high school coach. Does this coach even have a degree? Probably not! He was hired to bring John Wall to the school, period end of story and now he is looking to latch onto this kid for the next ride, whether college or agent.

It is time for the NCAA to start believing its own commercials and end this BS once and for all.

I hope this kid makes it playing B-ball because if he doesn't he will be another statistic in the already crowded world of ex phenoms with no place to go in life.

Sam Dwehji said...

Get off the kid's back! at the end of the day he's still a kid who just loves to play basketball wether its at carolina, duke, or a junior college somewhere it doesn't concern any of you one bit. This is his life he's going to make whatever decision he feels is right for him wether it makes him happy or his family (which is very important to him) happy he will make what he in his heart thinks is the right thing to do. You aren't being any better by sitting here judging a high school kid on where he wants to play. Yeah the rules in the NCAA are ridiculous but thats just how the procedure goes and John here doesn't have the power to change that. He is just a good kid doing what he loves and you all are using it for your entertainment wether its writing good about him or bad. Let him go where he wants, do what he wants, and pray that he gets to fulfuill his dreams rather then sitting back and hating on a kid who has nothing to do with the system at all he's just got this amazing talents and is trying to provide for himself and his family with it. Sitting here saying he's too stupid and his grades suck as if u know him just makes you look more ignorant then all of the people you sit there and criticize. God has a plan for this kid because he has been through so much and worked so hard to get to where he is now and things are going to work out for him because he is a VERY humble guy. So wherever he goes and w/e ends up happening to him just pray for him and be glad that you have such talent that you get to watch for you enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam, Get Real. You are either one of his AAU coaches, part of his posse, or just plain ignorant. This isn't about love of the game or God. This is about how he and his hanger onners can position him to get a big paycheck. I do not begrudge him that. But forget college, leave that to a kid who wants an education. Go to Europe, play pro ball, collect a check and take your chances in the 2010 draft. If you are that good and do well in the European leagues, so be it. But remember you go to Europe and you are not going to play your game of one on one, where you have total autonomy. They believe in structure and all that has been published on Wall is he is an athletic freelancer and has made that demand of recruiters. He does not want to run a coaches offense. Ask Mr. Jennings in Italy about this one. He was the top HS player in the country in 2008 and isn't averaging 10 ppg. in Italy.

MichaelProcton said...

Anon 6:03, Krzyzewski didn't tell Wall he hadn't had a "good" point guard in a while; he told him he hadn't had a PG with Wall's complete
skillset (athleticism, slashing, shooting) since Jason Williams, whose drive and dish game he planned to have Wall model in Durham.

Anonymous said...

Everybody talk'n about Wall has baggage....or...he's a "one and done".....SO?? Everybody knows that the "Powers That Be" could care less about the player, and more about making money off of them. Same reason we will never have a playoffs in College Football.......M.O.N.E.Y!!!! Allowing these kids to go to college for only one year, is a crock of you know what...they don't even have to study when they do that. Wall is just being a "Spectacle" right now.....taking in the attention. He could care less where he goes...not like he's going to have ANY loyalty to the team. He'll go where the coach will allow him to be the STAR! I'm Glad Roy won't touch him. But the college that takes a desperate program.