Saturday, April 4, 2009

NCHSAA leader Adams to retire

Charlie Adams, the executive director of the N.C. High School Athletic Association, will retire in January.

Adams has been the head of the NCHSAA, which oversees athletics at all public high schools in the state. He is a former president of the National Federation of State High School Associations.

Adams has not made a public announcement of his decision to retire, but plans were announced this week in Wilmington at the N.C. Athletic Directors Association that a retirement celebration for Adams would be held in conjunction with the NCHSAA's annual meeting in Chapel Hill.

An official announcement is expected to be made next week.

-- Tim Stevens


Anonymous said...

Adams has tuned the NC sports association into a one man fiefdom. He is the highest paid in the nation....He has built the endowment up to 10s of millions of dollars (taken from the schools gate money)---then refused to disperse the money back to the schools as promised....he created a stupid a and aa playoff system for football that has watered doiwn everything and has lessened interest and attendance at football playoff games. All this while he drives his fleet of state cars.

keyman said...

i agree with 'anonymous.' charlotte and winston salem school systems should leave the nchsaa. half the state, especially the western half, would join a new league in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

its too bad that a few uninformed can paint such a bleak picture of an organization that is the best thing for high school athletics. don't your realize that if they left the NCHSAA, they would not have championships? who wants to be a city champion when they can be a state champion, anyways, you can attribute the a and aa system of football to the football coaches in the state, they voted for the change...

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable comments from people that are absolutely uniformed and have little knowledge. Charlie Adams was against the split playoffs. It started with Ken Avent, an eastern 1A coach, pushing for subdividing the 1A football playoffs. The 1A coaches voted it in and the next year all football coaches voted the subdividing for all playoffs.

The endowment fund is something that other states are wishing they had done now as the cost of sports and lack of income are causing serious discussion of dropping some sports in many areas.

There are things I do not agree with about the NCHSAA but overall it a great asset to NC student/athletes. As far as seceding from the NCHSAA I think not. The WNCHSAA joined the NCHSAA in 1977 and take it from someone that was involved with that association, it is a positive for the athlete and the fan. Absolutely guarantee you keyman that members are not clamoring to leave.

If Charlie Adams were in the private sector he would have made a substantial income. As a business owner I have no problem with his income. btango

Anonymous said...

There are some idiots here. I heard Charlie Adams in an interview defend the split playoffs saying, "is it bad in this day and age to make money." Yes it is. They take 1 dollar off each ticket, then 25% of the gate, and don't pay ANY expenses. They are there to grab, that is all. Some teams LOSE money by hosting playoffs. This is a farce! The split playoffs has lead to 3-8 teams making the playoffs. I am waiting for a team to forfeit because they were 2-9 and didn't want to play a killer in the first round. While we are at it, why is there 5 rounds? That in itself is half a season and gets guys hurt....Clearly, it is only about the money, which stays in the hands of the administrators. Wake up guys!