Monday, January 26, 2009

Catholic swimmers: A perfect 22-of-22

Charlotte Catholic was perfect in the Queen City 3A/4A swimming meet.

The Cougars won all 22 events – 11 in the girls’ meet and 11 in the boys’ meet.

The conference swimmers of the year? Catholic’s Erin Gaeckle (girls) and Kit Frederick and Chase Haislip (tied for boys’).

The all-conference teams? Seven Catholic girls and seven Catholic boys.

Catholic’s winners:

200-yard medley relay: Erin Gaeckle, Christen McDonough, Cara Gilligan and Becca Clark.
200 freestyle: Erin Gaeckle
200 individual medley: Becca Clark.
50 freestyle: Ashlyn Koletic.
100 butterfly: Cara Gilligan.
100 freestyle: Erin Gaeckle.
500 freestyle: Julia Neal.
200 freestyle relay: Ashlyn Koletic, Allie Miller, Julia Neal and Christen McDonough.
100 backstroke: Allie Miller.
100 breaststroke: Christen McDonough.
400 freestyle relay: Erin Gaeckle, Allie Miller, Ashlyn Koletic and Becca Clark.

200-yard medley relay: Kit Frederick, Jonathan Peterson, J.C. Dellamea and Chase Haislip.
200 freestyle: J.C. Dellamea.
200 individual medley: Jonathan Peterson.
50 freestyle: Chase Haislip.
100 butterfly: J.C. Dellamea.
100 freestyle: Kit Frederick.
500 freestyle: Jonathan Peterson.
200 freestyle relay: Kevin Kirby, Ryan Begley, Tyler Drudick and J.C. Dellamea.
100 backstroke: Kit Frederick.
100 breaststroke: Chase Haislip.
400 freestyle relay: Chase Haislip, Jonathan Peterson, Ryan Begley and Kit Frederick.

The girls’ all-conference team:
Becca Clark, Erin Gaeckle, Cara Gilligan, Ashlyn Koletic, Christen McDonough, Allie Miller and Julia Neal.

The boys’ all-conference team:
Kit Frederick, J.C Dellamea, Chase Haislip, Jonathan Peterson, Kevin Kirby, Ryan Begley and Tyler Drudick.

-- Cliff Mehrtens