Thursday, January 15, 2009

Butler to play Mount Tabor in football

Butler High's football team continued to upgrade its 2009 schedule, agreeing to a two-year agreement to play N.C. 4A power Mount Tabor.

The teams will play Aug. 21 at Butler. In 2010, the game will be Aug. 20 at Mount Tabor, Butler athletics director Jim Boone said.

Butler earlier signed a two-year agreement with N.C. 4AA state champion Richmond Senior. The teams will meet Sept. 11 in Rockingham and will play at Butler in 2010.

The Bulldogs' other non-conference games are against Vance and ME-CA 7 4A champion West Charlotte.

- Langston Wertz Jr.


Anonymous said...

Langston how about taking a look at Mallard Creek"s schedule for next year. Drop Ardrey Kell pick up Indy, drop West Meck pick up East Meck. Butler is not the only school that wants to play everybody..3 year program taking on all comers. The kids are hungry after getting abused by the NCHSAA last year. Go MAVS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Indy is also trying to upgrade their schedule. They just agreed to play South Pointe next year. Good thing for Indy that they waited for Gilmore to graduate, now they may have a chance.

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