Friday, December 5, 2008

Wertz Q&A: A Richmond Senior upset?

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Q. What do you see in tonight's Richmond game with Indy? Upset city?

I said on our Prep Insiders videoblog that I think Richmond Senior is a hot team on a roll right now. They'll present Independence with a test. I know some people, for some reason, are down on Butler right now, but all season the Bulldogs were considered the state's No. 2 team and Independence beat them the way old Independence used to. If Independence wins tonight big, it may mean the Patriots are really truly back to their old ways.

I think Richmond can win, but the Raiders need a perfect game and for Independence to be off. It'll be interesting to me to see what kind of crowd shows up. Mostly Richmond? Split? I wonder if the 28 degree weather will keep some fans at home tonight. Either way, we'll blog it up on so you all can get updates and we'll have a big report tonight. Good luck to both teams.

Q. Loved your Q&A with Coach Knotts. I was interested in the Myers Park comment. Was that the only school he specifically talked about going to?

First off thanks for the kudos. Knotts is always a good interview. It was funny. We had a conference call among all our reporters and our executive sports editor Mike Persinger was talking about story ideas. He mentioned Knotts giving a good interview and he gave me the idea. I called up Tommy on Sunday night and he was in a talkative mood and very open and honest. But to answer your question, he talked about South Meck, Catholic, Country Day and Myers Park -- all places he could ride his bike to. I get the feeling he'd really like to stay in town.

Q. What do you hear about rumors putting AL Brown coach Ron Massey into retirement and Indy coach Tom Knotts at Brown?

I'd say it's just rumors right now. Knotts applied for that job once before in Kannapolis and didn't get it, but that doesn't mean he'd not try again. That's a pretty hefty drive from his house and he's said he likes to stay close. I interviewed coach Massey Wednesday afternoon and he said he planned to coach for a long time and had no plans to leave Brown. Why would he? He's got them one step from a state title game. Brown has the right guy there now.

Q. I was surprised the NCHSAA added lax, but no field hockey. You?

Surprised? No. There's been a steady movement in place to have lacrosse added. I'd suspect we'll have girls in the fall and boys in spring. It's going to be tough for ADs who now have to find practice times for another football field sport, and football field time is already in short supply. Also a lot of cash-strapped schools are going to have to find budgeting to add another sport, which means equipment costs and coaching costs among other things. I think the NCHSAA board could've waited until the economy got better to add this, and hopefully by next fall it will be.

Q. LW, did you know Richmond has won state titles in all years that end in "8". We won in 78 88 and 98. This is 2008. Your boys lose Friday night?

Interesting stat. Richmond certainly is on a roll.

Q. CMS splitting from the NCHSAA is an excellent idea. Hopefully north and south residents are reading this. We need 2 separate school systems. CMS needs to be broken up. The city of Charlotte can have its own new system and split from the NCHSAA while north and south Mecklenburg can remain with the NCHSAA and have its own new school system.

The writer is refering to a column that appeared a few weeks back after two CMS officials told me they favored leaving the state association. I'm not so sure that's good, but I would like to see city championships. An NCHSAA board ruling this week allowing basketball teams to play four games in a week so long as one is not on a school day really opens up the door to do it. In football, just have all the teams start on the first week and you could have a BCS style bowl event on the last regular season week or structure the schedule so you could have a two or three week playoff -- provided all CMS teams are in all-CMS leagues. As for breaking CMS up into county and city school systems, I'd be against that.

Q. That’s crazy talk you can’t have a city champ without competing in the state play offs. That wouldn’t be best for the players and isn’t that what it’s all about? It would be nice to do both, that is a great idea!

I'm with you on both.


LifeIzABoxoChoculitz said...

LW, time to talk hoops. What's up with Bo? Who's coming? Who ya like for league champs locally?

Anonymous said...

Richmond's win was a upset only to their coach that felt he had a win and another trip to State Champ. Someone forgot to tell The Raiders to co-oerate. Eveny playing at home with the small seating area did not stop the Richmond Raiders. Even in a lost the friendly and professional respect from both sides of field was great . Great Game ,Great result. Hope to see the same two teams battle again next year. Thanks Indenpendence for a perfect evening in your house.

Anonymous said...

Langston, great column on Richmond. Glad to see you could give us our due. Honest question though. Indy didn't play their best? Why? Do you think we win if they did as we did? Also, how would Butler stack up against us. Butler is Charlotte's No. 2 team, right?

Anonymous said...

Richmonds win was simply they were the best team Friday night.They are not weak and also all four teams in the 4A and 4AA State Finals are from the Mid-Southeast conference. This should tell the state that CMS teams are not the king of the hill and even playing at home Indenpence is not unbeatable. Indendence is still a very good team and will not be anything differece next year . They will get over this loss and next season should Richmond and Indenpence meet again it will be the very best . One last comment no team in North Carolina has won as many state Championships as Indenpence so be proud of your coach ,staff, and all the players that have been part of this long winning history.

Anonymous said...

Richmond County Raider's are back! We have been waiting to be victorious over Independence for a long time. The Richmond Raider's have never received the respect that they deserve from the CMS system. We are not the "redneck hillbillies" that we have been referred to over the years when we have played Independence! I guess "Big I" we were the "wooden trojan horse" Friday night! You all thought we had nothing to show you, but those of us who support our Raider team through thick and thin, saw the sweet, deserving win and great game we played! We are good sportsmen and played with honor and grace! Instead of making all the excuses for why you lost to us, why don't you just acknowledge that you were beaten by a better team! Be graceful and bow out and give credit to the Raider's who so deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Biggest stat from the Indy game? two really. Indy got in the red zone three times and got no points. Second stat? 5 starters on defense gone from the team for various reasons (Holloman/moved, Walker/moved, Hodges/mother died/moved, Briggs/booted, Montague/injury to hand). Holloman is ranked the number two safety in the nation. Congrats to Richmond

Anonymous said...

LW, who do you like in 3AA final with K-Town? Is Massey retiring?

Anonymous said...

Make all excuses you want for lost. just accept the fact that Independence lost to a better team
30 to 22

Anonymous said...

Only one genius predicted RC by 7. LW didnt give RC a snowballs chance in hell saying they would have to play a perfect game?
RC did not play a perfect game by any stretch but it is easy to understand why they won not the least being RC tied 2007 New Bern
4AA champs the endowment game 21-21who had destroyed a sagging IHS for the title in 2007.
RC lost to Dudley 19-14 the 2nd game who is now in the 4A title game and lost to Pinecrest 31-28 and were crushed by Byrd 42-7.

LW now on the RC wagon says they will easily whip Britt in the finals? RC did beat Britt earlier on 9/26/08 by 21-15 in a very tight game but this game was close. Britt takes a 14-1 record into the 4AA against RC 11-3-1.

IHS and TK are riding on past momentum and the days of glory and fame are over and have been over for sev yrs but they just dont know it until reality smacks you in the face.
This mo will continue to fade. Playing easy schedules comes back to bite. IHS will will lose even more when when Truelight Church HS opens in 2010.

Its been an incredible run from 2000-2006 with 7 titles but all good things must come to an end. Clearly Butler cracks in the big ones too so they wont be a factor.

It all started with Leak and Knotts in 2000 but its over. The final nail in the coffin will occur when TK leaves and the new school opens but they still have the record book and the memories.

Butler and West Charlotte always choke on the big ones so who will take IHS place? We know all this big talk of leaving the NCHSAA was a laugh and now deflated like a hot air ballon.

Either Mallard or Truelight could be the next CMS dynasty but there will always be RC to contend with and this will never change since RC opened in 1972 and won 5 titles up until 2000 but Rockingham had a long history of winning long before RC opened.

Looks like future NCHSAA CMS football greatness is officially up for grabs ...

Anonymous said...

Butler-RC? We in Raider-land can't wait. Brake that one down for us Langston and i saw you picked us over Britt. Why?

Raider Detector said...

LW, enjoying vacation? When you come back please explain why Richmond is not in the Sweet 16 anymore? Is it so CMS teams can finally win a banner? Will we be back?