Monday, December 1, 2008

Weddington football coach resigns

Weddington High football coach Phil Williams, 4-18 in two seasons, has resigned.

“He resigned before Thanksgiving,” Weddington athletics director Carole Alley said Monday. “In some ways it surprised me, and in some ways it didn’t.”

Weddington struggled as a member of Southwestern 4A, where it was 1-13 during Williams’ tenure. The Warriors were 0-11 this season, were outscored 443-162 and lost all seven conference games.

In 2007, Weddington was 4-7 and got outscored 405-224.

Williams was 74-47 in 11 seasons as coach of two S.C. schools in the 1980s and 90s, taking Buford High to the Class 1A semifinals in 1995 and 1996. He also was an assistant at four S.C. schools, and worked on staffs at Waddell (2001-05) and Ardrey Kell (2006).

Next school year, Weddington will drop to the 3A classification (based on student enrollment) and compete in a 4A/3A conference with Indian Trail Sun Valley, Porter Ridge, Anson Senior, Marvin Ridge and Parkwood.

-- Cliff Mehrtens


Anonymous said...

Pretty tough decision, but warranted--they played in the state's toughest 4A conference with a small 3A enrollment for the past two years. Having watched them though, it was the lack of solid, fundamental coaching that hurt the most. Good place for an up and coming young coach--great middle school feeder program and community support. New coach needs to clear out terrible assistants and bring in experience.

John Porter Weddington Alum. said...

Go Get the Garinger Head Coach If he won there with no support think what he could do there.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe its got something to with the fact that you cant name any other D-1 recruit that played at weddington other than boone. Butler and Indy have 5 or 6 every year. Not to mention thier "feeder" program sends kids to Catholic, Christian, and Latin....not weddington. Nobody will ever win big at weddington, they will be more competitive in 3A... but ultimately the spoiled parents will not allow it to be too successful.