Monday, December 8, 2008

Butler, Richmond Senior to meet next fall

Butler High is likely to play a nonconference football game next fall at Richmond Senior, the Observer learned Monday.

The schools haven't signed the two-year contract yet, but Bulldogs coach Mike Newsome expects it to get done this week.

The 2009 date will be Sept.11 in Rockingham.

Richmond Senior will play at Butler in 2010.

“It's pretty much a done deal,” Newsome said. “We both agreed to it. I guess we've reached the level where it's hard to find anyone to play us.”

Newsome said Butler was not able to renew nonconference games with North Mecklenburg and Berry, so he started searching for potential opponents.

He saw on Scotland County's Web site that the school was looking for a game. Scotland's coaches told Newsome that Richmond Senior had an open date on the same day as the Bulldogs.

Newsome spoke to Richmond officials and had a verbal agreement in place before the Raiders beat Independence in the N.C. 4AA semifinals Friday.

Newsome also is talking to Mount Tabor about a nonconference game next season, and those schools also have matching open dates.

With or without that Mount Tabor game, which would be another marquee matchup, the Bulldogs' 2009 schedule will be tough with games against Richmond Senior, Independence, West Charlotte and East Mecklenburg.

-- Langston Wertz Jr.


DCImonkey said...

That's how you win championships. Line up the big dogs and even if you lose a few, your guys will be ready in November and December. Butler and Richmond should be 2 of the Top 4A teams next year if Knotts leaves Indy.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Newome, you can't ever get past Independence much less Richmond county.

scotlandheel said...

good for butler...we dont hear much from charlotte these days...especially after the mid-southeastern 4-A took all 4 spots in the 2 championship games...maybe wertzy can give us some credit now

Anonymous said...

Butler doesn't have the coaching to win championships. This game will be ugly, 42-7 is my guess. Not quite the beating Indy gave them but near.

Anonymous said...

Newsome lost to three Charlotte teams in 2007 with a dream team of senior talent. He just doesn't have it.

Anonymous said...

Bless his heart Mike tries hard, but he gets outcoached in 9 out of 10 big games. At least he doesn't schedule the Sisters of the Poor..
I know he can't wait until Tommy retires..

Anonymous said...

I can't believe what I'm reading to say Butler doesn't have the coaches to get the job done that is stupid. If you think that then you should go to a practice and see what Butler does. I think everyone has this misconception that Tomm Knotts is a genius that is totally false cause if he was he would have made it at Duke. He is a great coach but lets face it Coach Newsome's staff makes football players. If you don't believe me go to a practice and see what they do. The people writing that are ignorant and have no clue. And that really isn't the point I'm trying to make. THIS IS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL. Knotts doesn't have this mastermind game plan. He gives the ball to his athletes and they go to work. He doesn't have newsome's number. If you went to the regular season indy butler matchup you would have seen that butler had momentum early but they made a few key mistakes and lost it. If those mistakes wouldn't have happened it would have been a different ball game. I know that's what everyone says but those guys at Butler work hard for everything they have and they matched up well with Indy if you don't believe that then you don't know football. With that being said next year is a new year for Butler to clean up the mistakes. Prediciton Butler 24 Indy 17.