Wednesday, December 3, 2008

All-Queen City 3A/4A football announced

Garinger's Chris Carter, who led his team to four wins this season and ended a 61-game on the field losing streak, is the Queen City 3A/4A coach of the year.

The league coaches voted on the all-conference team, which was released Wednesday morning.

Harding quarterback Walter Aikens was the offensive player of the year. West Meck's Trevor Black was the defensive player of the year.

Offensive Linemen: Keith Crowder, West Meck; Antonio Worthy, West Meck; Adam Guess, Catholic; Andrew Mueller, Catholic; Patrick Hudson, Catholic; Derrick Key, Berry; Marcus Lawrence, Harding; Keenan Thomas, Harding; Quetien Holloway, Garinger; Chris Moore, Garinger; Taylor Wade, Olympic; Brett Patrick, Olympic.

Quarterbacks: Walter Aikens, Harding; Lucas Beatty, Olympic

Wide Receivers: Preston Earle, Harding; Blair Boler, Olympic; Carl Funny, West Meck; Derryck Turner, Waddell; Germone Hopper, Berry; Thomas Gooding, Garinger.

Tight Ends: Chris Bridges, Harding; Tucker Windle, Charlotte Catholic.

Running Backs: Joseph Felts, Catholic; Jadarius Bruce, Catholic; L J McCray, Harding; Maurice Betha, Garinger; Brandon Ricket, Olympic.

Place Kicker: Tyler McMahan, Olympic

Offensive Specialist: Jason Cook, Olympic

Offensive Player Of the year: Walter Aikens, Harding

Defensive Linemen: Deangelo Johnson, West Meck; Tim Ellerbe, West Meck; Mark Moll, Catholic; Nick Gatto, Catholic; Ryan Herbin, Waddell; Donavan Price, Berry; Jamall Allen, Harding; Larry Williams, Garinger; Demetri Gaston, Garinger; Spencer Solomon, Olympic; Keith Witherspoon, Olympic.

Defensive Backs: Darrell Johnson, West Meck; Santuraus Neely, West Meck; Johnny O’Boyle, Catholic; Matthew Sawyer, Catholic; Sidney Crooms, Waddell; James Hicks, Berry; John Brockington, Garinger; Travis Walker, Garinger; Anthony Hooks, Olympic; Jamon Huff, Olympic.

Linebackers: Trevor Black, West Meck; Ben Hebert, Catholic; Montrez Walker, Waddell; Tyler Flemming, Waddell; Brian Mayes, Berry; Nick Dawson, Berry; Matthew Moore, Harding; Jordan Patterson, Harding; Joe Taylor, Garinger.

Punter: Michael McClendon, Catholic

Defensive Specialist: Deangelo Carter, Waddell

Defensive Player Of The Year: Trevor Black, West Meck

Coach of the year: Chris Carter, Garinger


High School Prep Insider said...

Man I can't believe it Garinger has a coach of the year who would have ever thought that this could happen I have SEEN HISTORY MADE I mean this team use to get "SMASH EVERY YEAR" Blowouts 77-0 They even got player making All Conference Congrats Coach Carter maybe they will make a movie about this" "THEY SHOULD"

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