Friday, November 14, 2008

Should CMS leave NCHSAA ?

In my Wednesday weekly column this week, I mentioned an idea that I had heard from two different CMS officials at two different times: that CMS ought to consider leaving the N.C. High School Athletic Association and create a city championship system here instead of participating in state playoffs.

I have gotten a lot of emails about it and people have told me it's sparked some message board discussion at few sites.

I think it's an interesting idea. I am for city championships. In a time when we need to raise funds here, it's a great way to do it. There have been two organizations that have put forth ideas for city championships here, both with corporate sponsors and both with promises to create a fund that would help boost coaches salaries.

But I would rather see a city championship played before teams went to state playoffs. There's still something mystical about winning the state championship and I think the NCHSAA does a great job putting on the events.

Still city championships here would be probably the biggest thing going. I could see kids wearing their letter jackets and rings and hats -- and little kids growing up dreaming of getting them.

How to do it?

In football, you could arrange a two-week city championship playoff fairly easily and in basketball you could do it over Christmas break or eliminate conference tournaments, which I'd rather do, while maintaining something coaches enjoy: giving a non-playoff qualifier a chance to steal a bid with a conference tournament championship.

You could eliminate a few regular season games and start conference tournaments early enough to send the three public school league champs and the CISAA regular season champion into a four-team city championship playoff -- or you could have a two week open-ended playoff event. But if the next realignment introduces CMS teams to multiple leagues, as is likely, the Christmas tournament for basketball and an Easter tournament for baseball would be about the only ways to have a city championship.

Also, a few of have asked about the Q&A. Go ahead and ask away. I've been busy putting out all the basketball stuff and didn't have time to answer, but I'm ready now. I'll check back later today for questions.

-- Langston Wertz Jr.


Anonymous said...

A lot of people would agree 100% with that idea since as you know the north and south of Mecklenburg wanted to split from Charlotte city and form 2 new school system a few yrs ago the way it was before 1958 when the city and county merged although Charlotte and Mecklenburg systems were founding members of the NCHSAA since its 1912 inception.

Charlotte city could split into its own system and break with NCHSAA.

Excellent idea. Hopefully north and south residents are reading this. We need 2 separate school systems. CMS needs to be broken up. The city of Charlotte can have its own new system and split from the NCHSAA while north and south Mecklenburg can remain with the NCHSAA and have its own new school system.

Anonymous said...

That’s crazy talk you can’t have a city champ without competing in the state play offs. That wouldn’t be best for the players and isn’t that what it’s all about?
It would be nice to do both, that is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

While the idea has merit, I think ultimately, if you asked the athletes, they would rather be part of state wide playoff system.
What concerns me more, if you look at the board of the NCHSAA, you will find almost NO representation from the Charlotte Metro area with the exception of Joe White. If he is as ineffective on this board as he is on the school board, it's no wonder the Charlotte feels like it has no representation. Looking at where folks are from on the board, it looks a lot like heavy representation from the eastern side of the state and little from the west.
I would like to see the Asssociation make all school systems be more consistent on try-out dates and off season work-outs to allow more parity during the season.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ever give football officials props? I only hear/read you complain about them.

~Call it like I see it

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely against CMS leaving the NCHSAA and I am absolutely against a city football championship.

First you would need to get CMS to play with the privates!

We had a city football playoff this season. It involved Indy, Butler, East Meck, and WC in a round robin. Indy won. With a city championship before the state playoffs two teams could possibly meet three times in the season. With the state playoff system a city title game would possibly put CMS teams at more disadvantage. Ask the Indy and Butler kids that are still beat up from last Friday night.

State champion means a little more. For a 4A title in all sports except football it means you were the best of ninety plus teams throughout the state. With the split in football you are the best of over 45 teams. CMS has 18 schools that field athletic teams.

I am for a private/CMS city basketball tournament in place of the current conference tournaments. If CMS is ok with the privates then let the coaches vote. I think they would prefer a Christmas version or something in January that would push the regular season to later dates replacing the conference tournament.

This would make CMS really look questionable with its policies and issues of ineligiblity which I know are a statewide issue.


1WhoKnows said...

Langston, first off thanks for all the hoop coverage. It was great and glad to see the hoop kids get equal time with football....I disagree with btango. I'm 1whoknows Tango and i think CMS should have city championships with the privates.

Can you imagine the crowds for a city championship basketball tournament here? But L-Dub, how would you do them and specifically how would you do football?

Also what's up with Indy's road in the playoffs. Nasty tough

Anonymous said...

This is my question, too, and i read in the forum cv

Well let me first say that I'm not a fan of the NCHSAA either,,,, I will be the first to say some of the decisions made in the past are dumb. They have made my local school Kannapolis drive one hour (ONE WAY) to ALL of our conference games (except for Concord game) the past 4 years,,, all while gas prices were ridiculous, and there was no concern for our athletes getting home from midweek sporting events near midnight.

But my question,,,, why NOW all of a sudden has the Charlotte Observer decided they don't like all these different classifications and 8 different state champions? Many folks argued this back when it happened, to no avail, where was the Observer then? And to seem even more hypocritical about it, the Observer makes snide remarks about the expanded playoff format (refer to Elevator Down in today's Observer) about "more players interested, more fans buying tickets",,, yet then they run a "feel good" article about 4-7 Garinger making the playoffs just the day before.

Dear Observer, you can't have it both ways. Make up your mind.

Traditional HS football powerhouses and their purist coaches/supporters argued against allowing 4-7 teams in the playoffs back when this was changed. I personally say if you don't finish "AT LEAST" runnerup in your conference, you don't go nowhere. And truthfully, many folk say your state champion should be able to say they were also the conference champion,,, not the 3rd-4th place team in the conf.

Just curious what has happened recently that the Observer is on the NCHSAA's butt about this... Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Langston, who are your state final football teams and hwo would you redo the p layoffs? I agree some'n needs fixin' but how 2 do it, yo?

Anonymous said...

LW, Richmond is coming for your Lions, dude. You know it. You coming to see it next week?

Anonymous said...

Which "city"? You are aware or maybe not that Mecklenburg County has 7 cities including Charlotte, Pineville, Matthews, Mint Hill, Davidson, Cornelius and Huntersville so your broken record idea would have to be a Mecklenburg "county" championship or secession to be all inclusive NOT just a "city" championship. Jeesh guy, we thought you were smarter than this.

These southerners all still always have some kind of sessession on their minds dont they? They never learn.

Anonymous said...

Man, this dude Wertz not only a major hata but wicked. Check out the adjectives & pics on the win over a diluted North. Guess he got the big head too cuz his boy BarryO won too but hes rubbin it in now. Better keep an eye on him.
Before a fall goeth pride. DubC beat RC once and that was taken away last year. RC gonna get pizzed reading stuff like this.
Can you feel the hate? Yikez.
See a shrink. That head is swollen.

c said...

Look, if y'all want to use ineligible players and cheat like there is no tomorrow down in the Great State of Mecklenburg, by all means, set up your own system and spin off the state.

Just don't be surprised when nobody outside Char-Meck will play you and the in-fighting leads to nothing but a giant hissy-fit.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Charlotte is the only city in the state that enforces eligibility. There are probably 1000s of ineligibles around the state but no one else will self-police. This movement to secede stems mostly from money. When two teams like Indy and Butler play at Memorial in front of 12k and can't make money because the state gets 1 dollar off each ticket and 25% over pays none of the expenses, well people are tired of that. The state has the highest paid director in the country who has come up with this crazy profit taking plan plus the expanded playoffs all for one purpose, to roll in money for his organization. If the state can't lessen their greed and leave much more of the money in local school hands, then secession may be worthwhile until someone gets the point. The state now has 15 million escrowed in sports, money taken form local teams. Finally, to show their greed, they make little kids and seniors pay at playoff games, even teachers! Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Stop yapping and just do it. Split off for 2009. Add the private and public schools and you have about 30 high schools. You can still play the other out of county schools nonconference if they are not scared and theres nothing wrong with being great.

signed: The Great State Of Mecklenburg (and dont forget it!)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
LW, Richmond is coming for your Lions, dude. You know it. You coming to see it next week?

Yo homie. U know we heard that loud and clear brotha. U been down on 74 at Dawgs? West Chalotte aint never been chit here in DaRock badboy and they know it. How many times did we come to they home turf and TCB on them boys?
Just show our badboyz in green and gold who the refs are cuz we gonne kill them other mutha fckaz and thata a promise.

Anonymous said...

63-12 ??????????? yikez

OUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wheres Langston Wertz hiding ?

OUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ROCK rulez !!!! He knowz it. Bring on those Patsiez at Independence baby ...

Anonymous said...

When is the last time Richmond won a title? They won't this year either.

raiderfan said...

Last time RSHS won the title - 1998.

Also in 1988 and 1978. The school opened in 1972. So if the trend continues with a Championship in years ending in the number 8 since the school opened --- 200? oh yeah 8!!!

Let's see what happens!!