Sunday, November 9, 2008

Preseason Basketball Sweet 16 polls

Boys Preseason Sweet 16
Team Class 2007-08 Record
1. Vance 4A 27-6
2, Hopewell 4A, 22-7
3. North Mecklenburg, 4A, 24-6
4. Myers Park, 4A, 20-5
5. East Lincoln, 2A, 24-7
6. Morganton Freedom, 4A, 18-10
7. Lake Norman, 3A, 14-9
8. Shelby, 2A, 26-4
9. West Rowan, 3A, 21-7
10. Hickory, 3A, 27-4
11. East Mecklenburg, 4A, 25-8
12. Charlotte Christian, IND, 22-10
13. Concord 3A 27-3
14. Ardrey Kell 4A 16-11
15. Olympic, 3A, 16-12
16. West Mecklenburg, 4A, 22-6
Also Receiving Votes: Harding (4A, 19-9); Forest Hills, 2A, 17-10; Fort Mill (4A, 23-2); Albemarle (1A, 24-5); Indian Trail Sun Valley (3A, 16-10); West Caldwell (2A, 23-6); East Burke (4A, 20-6)

Girls Preseason Sweet 16
Team Class 2007-08 Record
1. Butler, 4A, 26-4
2. W. Charlotte, 4A,
3. Concord, 3A, 31-2
4. E. Mecklenburg, 4A, 25-4
5. Gastonia Forestview, 3A, 30-1
6. Statesville, 3A, 28-3
7. E. Rutherford, 2A, 25-5
8. North Stanly, 2A, 25-4
9. Providence Day, IND, 26-4
10. Weddington, 4A, 14-12
11. South Caldwell, 4A, 17-10
12. Hopewell, 4A, 10-14
13. Harding, 4A, 19-8
14. Morganton Freedom, 4A, 19-10
15. Charlotte Catholic, 3A, 22-7
16. Catawba Bandys, 2A, 21-8Also Receiving Votes: Concord Robinson (4A, 17-11); E. Gaston (4A, 22-6); Hickory Ridge (3A, 14-13); Monroe (2A, 18-10); Indian Trail Porter Ridge (3A, 19-9)

Note: The Sweet 16 is a ranking of teams in the Observer’s 110-school coverage area. It is not a power poll and does not consider how ranked teams would do against each other unless they play. The poll does consider strength of classification and strength of schedule. To be considered, schools must adhere to the 8-semester rule, draw students from a contained geographic area, field varsity football and basketball teams and be a recognized member of an approved conference and state association.


Anonymous said...

Where is the section promised today (Sunday). Not in the print version either.

Anonymous said...

i wonder why independence is only good at football, maybe because they cheat and everyone knows it.

Anonymous said...

langston needs to stop showing his bias so much highlighting only his broz or bro qbs a million times over. yo bro, no offense but there are whites who still play football. you wouldnt know it though looking at this website.

east burke

Anonymous said...

Indy is only good at fotball because they have the best coach in NC History there. I guess being undefeated against Charlotte teams over 16 years and three teams would prove that. Ever wonder how many kids at other schools who would be booted if ALL of them were checked out like Indy? He is the best period and you know it.