Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Garinger wins! Garinger wins! Holy cow ...

Garinger football is no longer a punch line, or a pity party.

The Wildcats won a football game (on the field) for the first time since 2002 last night, and in convincing fashion.

Garinger trailed 12-0 against West Mecklenburg, and seemed headed to (yawn) just another loss. But it rallied for 31 second-half points, and won 31-12.

I imagine the Wildcats didn’t take much joy in “winning” four games via forfeit after last season ended. They wanted to prove it to someone – anyone – on the scoreboard.

The streak had reached 61. None of the current players were there when it began.

Coach Chris Carter and his staff persevered.

There wasn’t much indication the streak would end through the first four games this season – losses by 42-0, 27-0, 63-0 and 41-14. But on Friday, Garinger was respectable in a 34-19 loss at Hopewell.

Three nights later, on a home field that last season couldn’t be played on for one game because flocks of geese had pooped on it, Garinger made sure that no one looks at them the same way again.

Second-year Mallard Creek’s 7-0 start is the most amazing story of this season, so far.

But it’s easier for a new team to gel than for an established program to reverse a nasty losing habit.

That makes Garinger the feel-good story of the season, so far.

-- Cliff Mehrtens


Old G 91 said...

Wow, I'm almost embarrassed to admit I went there (1991) when it comes to football these days. But I understand why we are so bad. Keep pounding Wildcats-I think we can take another 3-4 this year!

Anonymous said...

I went to garinger in 86 Thank you Coach Carter finally we got one I will bring my widcat shirt out

Mack said...

I grew up near Garinger, even played middle school ball with a lot of Garinger players at Cochrane back in the day. They usually have the talent. Even though I played at WC.....I've always respected the talent they had there, but not the coaching. I'm glad they finally won. If he's the right coach...they can win some more.

Anonymous said...

There nothing to be embarrassed about the "G" was pretty good in the late 80's and early 90's in sports. When I gradated in 1990 We had won the State Championship in Basketball in 1989 plus we made it to the 2nd round of the playoff in Football in 1990 losing to a very good A.C Dudley from Greensboro. Hopefully this win will spark the team into win more games down the road. Go Wildcats!!