Monday, September 29, 2008

Rain creates a mess for scheduling in CMS

After heavy rains soaked the Charlotte area Friday, Sept. 26, schools chose to not play on extremely wet fields and moved games to Monday, Sept. 29, which is usual CMS policy.

But because of a major Jewish holiday, that begins Monday night, the next available playing date became Wednesday, Oct. 1.

With a full slate of games scheduled for Friday, Oct. 3, moving to Wednesday, Oct. 1, would’ve meant playing two games in three days.

Hamilton said “no one wanted to do that.”

CMS officials thought about playing at 4 p.m. Monday afternoon (Sept. 29) to finish games before the holiday officially started. But staffing was an issue.

Hamilton said she would need 80 police officers and 49 game officials to staff the six home games. Game officials have to be on site 90 minutes before kickoff. Job concerns made that 4 p.m. kickoff impossible, she said.

So Hamilton contacted the N.C. High School Athletic Association “late in the weekend” to ask if CMS could move the Sept. 26 games to Monday, Oct. 6, skirting a usual NCHSAA policy that calls for postponed games to be played at the next earliest possible date. Hamilton got permission.

So teams will now play Friday, Oct. 3 and again Monday, Oct. 6.

“We were not entertaining moving (Oct. 3) Friday games,” Hamilton said, “because we were trying to disrupt as little as possible in the master schedule.”

There are 10 home games scheduled in CMS on Oct. 3, including five homecomings. If CMS had moved those Oct. 3 games to Oct. 6, those homecoming games – expected to generate lots of revenue and good will – would’ve been played on a work night, Hamilton said.

“The postponements were six home games,” Hamilton said. “We have two schools playing tonight (Sept. 29) and two schools that were open. This did not affect everybody in CMS. Moving Friday (Oct. 3) games would. So you just try to make the best out of a situation.”

-- Langston Wertz Jr.