Tuesday, September 23, 2008

3 points in 3 games, but Knotts not happy

Three points allowed in three games would make most football coaches giddy.

Independence’s Tom Knotts isn’t most coaches.

The Patriots leader didn’t should pleased with his defense after a 42-0 victory at Vance last Friday. You’re probably saying “Whaaaat?”

Sometimes numbers aren’t the whole story.

Here’s a sampling of Knotts comments, to Observer correspondent Jay Edwards:

“It’s not just about the wins, but how you play the game,” Knotts said. “We are not playing up to my standards. Maybe my standards are too high. Maybe I shouldn't even be out here if my standards are so high."

"We set our standards higher than what it says on the scoreboard."

The defense isn’t the lone culprit. Knotts wants every phase to excel. At Independence, success is measured by state championships. The Patriots won seven straight (a North Carolina record) before losing in last year’s final.

This season began splendidly, if you just go by the scoreboard – 47-0 against Olympic, 49-3 against West Charlotte and 42-0 against Vance.

But there have been enough mistakes to irritate Knotts.

Asked if his team wasn't motivated to play in non-conference game:

“Each game should be like the Super Bowl for these guys,” he said. “We've got a young team overall, but we've also got some (older) guys who know how they should be playing.”

“The whole game we were inconsistent. We need to learn to play the game the right way no matter who we are playing.”

-- Cliff Mehrtens


Anonymous said...

If Tom Knotts would care as much about the boys on the team as he does the score than he might actually be a true man. But he only cares about one thing...the score...Maybe Tom Knotts shouldn't be out there. Maybe he should learn that life is more than just a game on the field. It's a shame the way he is held in just regard...If I had a child playing football...I would prefer him to play for a coach like the one @ Myers Park.