Thursday, July 31, 2008

Practice begins Friday, after summer of dreams

High school football practice officially will start Friday, but that’s not entirely accurate.

Sure, it’s the first time teams can slip on helmets and practice as a group. It often generates an ‘opening-day excitement’ for some coaches, players and fans.

But most of the players you see under the lights later this month have been gearing up all summer.

They’ve attended mandatory weightlifting sessions in steamy rooms. Been to camps in searing heat. Run conditioning drills. Competed against other schools in 7-on-7 passing games.

Worked out on their own.

There won’t be much new when practice officially begins. Many teams will begin around 8 a.m., to beat the midday heat.

You’ll see many of the same things at every school – nervous sophomores not wanting to mess up and gain notoriety on the first day, oversized linemen huffing through wind sprints, the inevitable junior varsity player who is sent back to the locker room because he’s wearing the wrong (pick one) jersey, sock, pants, etc.

Coaches will yell.

Whistles will screech.

Sweat will flow.

Then, they’ll get up early and do it again the next several days.

- Cliff Mehrtens


Anonymous said...

Friday will be the 3rd most exciting day of the year. The first two is Christmas and Easter.

Oh yes, Football, there is nothing like it. Good luck to everyone.

LadyT said...

For the East Meck football team it has been a summer of hell. I would like to tell the team that even though you have had to deal with some heavy issues within the past two weeks. So as they do articles on "other" comeback teams, just know that you still have people who want to cheer you on. Peace

Anonymous said...

All of us redneck Concord High School alumni in our dinky little redneck town are hoping we will have a better season this year. We have a good redneck coach who is getting a little age on him but done pretty good all things considered.
We may all drive pickups talk like redneck hicks and live in small redneck mill houses but we love our redneck Spider black and gold football. Yahoooo !!!!

We would also like to acknowledge and celebrate our 80th year anniversary of redneck CHS football that began in 1928.

Thanks and good luck to our redneck school team and town.

X Ole timer Redneck Crew Of our beloved Concord High. Long live the Redneck Spiders. Yahoooo!!!

ps dont forget to go to Lowes NASCAR races in Concord.