Friday, July 25, 2008

Post-forfeit football standings

Eligibility violations and the subsequent penalties inflicted have jumbled last season’s high school football standings for several Charlotte-Mecklenburg teams.

You’ll see some strange-looking numbers when the season previews begin popping up in August.

The latest revision came Thursday when East Mecklenburg (0-13) forfeited its nine victories. It joined West Charlotte (0-15), South Mecklenburg (0-12) and Berry (0-11) in the give-‘em-all-back line.

When was the last time, if ever, CMS had four winless teams?

Two schools – Vance and North Mecklenburg – saw life on both sides of the forfeit line.

Vance forfeited two of its five victories, but gained one via West Charlotte’s infraction to finish 4-7.

North Mecklenburg, which had forfeited a victory against Garinger, gained it back via West Charlotte. The Vikings’ revised mark is 6-6.

Garinger was the biggest recipient. The Wildcats were 0-11 on the field, but are now 4-7 after forfeit wins against Vance, East Meck, North Meck and Berry.

Harding’s three victories through forfeit bump its record to 8-4 . Waddell also was awarded three victories, turning its 3-9 season on the field into a 6-6 mark.

In two instances, there are rare double-forfeits – West Charlotte’s 26-17 victory against East Meck, and South Meck’s 10-7 win against East Meck. Technically, East Meck had gained victories in both games via forfeit, but had to forfeit them Thursday.

Here are the updated standings for the 2007 season, involving Charlotte’s three public-school conferences:

Southwestern 4A

Butler, 7-0 conference, 12-1 overall

Independence, 6-1 conference, 13-3 overall

Ardrey Kell, 5-2 conference, 10-3 overall

Providence, 4-3 conference, 6-6 overall

Weddington, 3-4 conference, 6-5 overall

Myers Park, 2-5 conference, 4-7 overall

South Meck, 0-7 conference, 0-12 overall

East Meck, 0-7 conference, 0-13 overall

ME-CA 7 4A
Hopewell, 6-0 conference, 11-1 overall
North Meck, 4-2 conference, 6-6 overall
Central Cabarrus, 4-2 conference, 6-7 overall
Vance, 4-2 conference, 4-7 overall
Concord Robinson, 2-4 conference, 4-7 overall
Mallard Creek, 1-5 conference, 2-9 overall
West Charlotte, 0-6 conference, 0-15 overall
Queen City 3A/4A
Charlotte Catholic, 6-0 conference, 13-3 overall
West Meck, 5-1 conference, 8-4 overall
Harding, 4-2 conference, 8-4 overall
Waddell, 3-3 conference, 6-6 overall
Olympic, 2-4 conference, 4-7 overall
Garinger, 1-5 conference, 4-7 overall
Berry, 0-6 conference, 0-11 overall

-- Cliff Mehrtens


Anonymous said...

So wait a minute, there are games out there that, technically, both teams are deemed to have lost?

This is getting more than a little nuts. At this point, with so many schools forced to forfeit so many games, that it would have made more sense to just declare that no one would forfeit least then the least deserving high school football program in that state if not the country wouldn't have ended up with 4 gift victories...that's not going to end any records or streaks they have going, is it? If so, that would be a real shame.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I hope it keeps happening and Garinger is retroactively awarded the title.

I haven't felt this good since Ric Flair won the belt off Big Van Vader at Starrcade '93 in the old Coliseum.

Anonymous said...

Nuts? Try peas. As in CMS rent-a-thugs and Uptown paper of record Woodard-and-Bernsteins in a pod. Together.

Awesome job guys.

Ever gonna report the West Charlotte hotel party or the fake badges used to obtain lease info? Didn't think so.

Sleep tight.


Certified Mail said...

Is CMS going to send each player a letter via certified mail to assure they got the news? The players have already moved on and have relished their accomplishments. This after the fact forfeiture procedure is a little ridiculous. Just because CMS says the wins don't count, doesn't mean the wins didn't count.

Anonymous said...

The common way to deal with this is to adjust individual schools records. You can't exactly go back and change playoff seeds and, better yet, advance teams that lost to forfeiting teams. And this isn't the end. There is a team down highway 51 that allowed Porter ridge students to participate in spring drills while still at PR. You'll be hearing about that at a later date.

Anonymous said...

Former CMS Coach,

Amazing, Independence has eight ineligible players, but no forfeits. Even some of their staff say they have ineligible players. Sounds fair to me.

Anonymous said...

You can't change the rules because Independence is involved. If a school forfeits because an athelte lies, then over 15 teams would forfeit, including Butler softball and Providence swimming, both state champions. South, WC, East, and others forfeited because EMPLOYEES made mistakes, either deliberately of accidentaly. That is part of the rules too. READ THE RULES!

Anonymous said...

So, we are one month from playing the 2008 Football (and other) sports season, and we are still fussin', feudin', and changin' the 2007 records.
Gorman and the CMS Athletic's Director (what's her name, she is just invisible) need to declare a halt to invesitgating last year's issues. And most of all, they need to impose strong enforcable rules regarding switching schools and illegally playing for the wrong school.
I believe the easiest way to minimize/eliminate shopping schools is to impose a one year sit out rule for EVERYONE who changes schools. Only exception is for when CMS opens a new school and moves students into that school. And the punishment for intentionally playing for the wrong school should be permanent disqualification from sports.

Anonymous said...

I last coached in Charlotte 15 years ago and every single thing reported in the last several months was going on then too. Knothead and WC were the worst offenders then and now the tradition continues at the "I". One guy at WC named Knuckles, didn't even go to class the whole semester and was their leading rusher! Lanny Worst, the Disturber's biggest homer, is probably still denying it too.

Anonymous said...

Are we talking about High Schools sports or High School academics. We have to remember their cheating on both sides. Why is it wrong for sports and not for academics? I believe it's a shame when you single one thing out from another both are wrong. Two things that will solve this big issues: One have open enrollment, set a limit for each High School like 2500 kids for each school when that School reach that limit that School is closed. Second equal the money out to each school. (why does Myer Park High School have laptop computers when schools like West Charlotte or Vance High School doesn't?) Why are the best teacher at Providence High, Myers Park and Ardrey Kell? Stop asking this teacher to transfer make them transfer. One more thing, just because that school is domint Afro-American does not mean you but just Afro-American teacher there. Can we say diversity.

Anonymous said...

You know if they really investigated all schools in Metro Charlotte or NC or nationwide for that matter you would undoubtedly be cancelling 99% of seasons past present and future.
People are all basically cheats but thats the way of the world depending on how you define cheating. People are not only all cheats but people all lie. People all try to divert or use smoke and mirrors to cover their lies.
This is not just for high school football but for everything in life none excluded even inside churches or anywhere.
People are all selfish and greedy and look out for themselves or theirs.
Its just the ones who get caught, while other guilty ones luckily slip and slide away, who are chastized and suffer humiliation or punishment and retribution.
The worse thing of all is those guilty ones who throw stones...
Yes, there is nothing new on earth. This has been covered. Those who are without sin ley him cast the first stone .... They all dropped their deadly stones and all walked away and said nothing ...
Genius words. Live by them and shat the hell up you guilty ones who have luckily never been caught for all your caniving cheating manipulating and collusion. Your day will come or you will live with a guilty conscious the rest of your life and thats just as bad or worse. Nobody gets off the hook. What goes around comes around ... Same ole story thru the ages ..
Just try your best to do right and live right and at least when you are transferred on to the next celestial advanced molecular realm you wont have a guilty conscious...

Anonymous said...

Actually, CMS is going the other way. Today, they announced that juniors and seniors can switch schools with no penalty. Doesn't this fly in the face of what they just spent 250k to stop. Go figure!