Friday, June 6, 2008

Victory stars shine at football camp

Three Victory Christian football players had good showings last week at the one-day Missouri football camp. There were more than 600 players who showed up at Lindenwood University in St. Louis.

Kings quarterback Josh Byrum and receivers John Osborne and Tehvyn Brantley made the nearly 12-hour drive and played well. The players arrived on campus at 2 a.m. and worked out the next morning.

"When you've got a desire to go to the big schools, you've got to do what you've got to do to get where you've got to get," Brantley told recruiting website

Byrum, who threw for 1,300 yards and 12 touchdowns, and Osborne both had strong camps, but Brantley apparently had the best day. Published reports had him running a 4.45-second 40-yard dash and leaping 37.7 inches in a vertical leap test.

The three players should figure prominently in the Kings new spread offense next fall.
-- Langston Wertz Jr.


Anonymous said...

LW--Same old song and dance every year. VCC loaded with athletes, but they get some of the poorest coaching I have seen--and I've been coaching/watching Charlotte high school football for over 30 years. Just because you played pro ball doesn't make you a good coach. These kids deserve better coaching.

Thelma Tillman said...

LW- The coaching Victory recieve last year was better than most kids will ever get in their life. The problem with VCC is it has become a school for all the kids kicked out of CMS. You have a school full of expelled and aged out players, who could care less about authority or getting a high school education. Any school would love to have former NFL guys coaching. It seems to me that you are a little jealous! Plus be a man and put your name on the post! " Man enough to say it, be man enough to claim!"

Mr. Canty said...

LW- Frank Crockett is a joke! He might be the worst coach in all of NC. He is constantly going around recriuting kids to go to VCC.He makes promises he can't keep. When you have 19 and 20 year old kids they are suppose to be good! You have kids there that are in their 5th year of high school. They must be redshirting atheletes. It's ashame because its suppose to be a christian school. So I don't care who you have coaching there, its not going to prosper! They are doing things in Gods name, but not in Gods ways! Charlotte Latin, Country Day, Charlotte Christian will continue to be better programs!

Anonymous said...

Mr Canty, You need to check yourself before you talk about VCC or other private schools having older players and recruiting 5th year players. All of the private schools that you mentioned have had 5th year players. Don't get it twisted with the recruiting process. Look at the recruited players and the demographic make-up of these schools. Are any of these offspring or kin to these players? I don't think so. A lot of the talent at VCC comes from within. Look at Kortnei Brown, Dale Riley, John Osborne, Justin Duhaney, just to name a few. Leave God out of it! Coaching is another question. There is much consistency needed in that area.

Mr. Canty said...

Dear Ms. Anonymous for your info Justin Duhanny was a student from North Meck who was recruited to go to VCC by Coach Crooked, my bad Coach Crockett. I'm not denying that there has been some home grown talent! What about Sanquan Adams, Michael Awute, David Smalls,Dawuan Harris, Qualyn Shipp just to name a few. These guys red shirted in high school, creating a competitive advantage and you still have yet to reach the state title game in football! No matter who the coaches have been. If anyone out there would check the roster this year I bet its more than a handful of guys on the team that have aged out of public school, reclassed or red shirted you can call it what you want! It is ashame because it cast a bad shadow on the kids like Justin Foxx, dale Riley, John Osborne who play by the rules! Year in year out same results, makes you wonder, that the Head Coach has always been the one constant! I wonder who the blame should really fall on!! I guess being a HS coach for 25 years doesn't make you a good one either! VCC Charlotte answer to WIN BY ANY MEANS SOMETIME!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Canty

You seem to know quite a bit about the Victory program some of it correct but most of it is wrong.Have you ever thought that some of the players actually want to go to a school that can assist them in getting where they want to be?
Who is Sanquan Adams? Do you mean Sanquan Davis? Also why do you follow the team so closely if the are as bad as you say? This is a team that is only 5 years old. They have made the playoffs every year and have made it two straight state semifinal games. That is showing growth.

We should have won title but so should every other school that did not win.....Why would your expectations be so high for a team with a bunch of cast offs and such a terrible coach. Why would you expect such a rotten program to win a state title?Confused at VCC.....Mr.Osborne. Part of The home grown talent at VCC

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... When comments are made they should be based on facts not assumptions. I know of at least one graduating Senior in the Class of 2008 at VCC that left CMS by choice not because he was kicked out and or expelled. So, that means he because a fifth year senior by choice!
Everyone does not have the same talent no matter the supposed rightness of that student’s path. When you are on the Football field what matters is how you play the game and win, not how well you lose. Our children whether they are brilliant, average or slow should all be embraced and given the opportunity to excel at their individual level. One of the problems our children face in this society is being cast aside so quickly when they don’t fit the mold. A not so smart kid can become great and a great kid can fall by the wayside. Let’s keep it real "support our children whether it takes them five or four years to finish high school". What matters is the fact that they finish!

Anonymous said...

Curtis Porter is going to DA U. WOW! He has never played DT before. He has always been on the OL. Why would Da U take a chance like that? He is a known HOT HEAD! It is rumored that he left DUB-C because he was recieving gifts from a so called mentor? I wish him luck.

Anonymous said...

Lost first game to a first year school without a senior class--so much for all these D-1 recruits. Back to my first comment on this board--the absolute worst coaching staff in the state! Any more comments thelma??

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it's the coaching staff, but I do agree, the head coach is the worst coach in the state.