Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mallard Creek football could contend

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Q. Langston...how about a comment on "Da Creek" Mallard creek Football. Looks like they may have a chance to be really good. Meca 7 District & Regional Track champions and most of those guys are Football Players. They look to be pretty big up front also. how about an early conference prediction.

A. Mallard Creek is on a fast track to be pretty good. Look at the track team and all the kids coming back next year. There may not be a school in the ME-CA 7, including Dub, that has the skill athletes that MC has. Question is, do the Mavs have any size? But I think they can be a factor next year.

Q. Langston, you said awhile back you were going to do some stuff on golf. When? - Anonymous

A. We’re hitting the duffers right now. We had a feature on Butler’s Daniel Meggs Friday and another Monday on The Dence kids who are 8-0 this year. We’re covering the state finals as well.

Q. I posted my comments but u didnt answer them i was asking bout the rumors concerning the west charlotte basketball program an the new coach

A. Relative to Bernard Sullivan going there? Well, I’ve not heard anything like that. Why leave a team that has a chance to win state this year and next year and the year after that? I would be shocked to see Bernard go to Dub or Oak Hill or anywhere. He’s fine where he is. Does that mean other folks are not trying to woo him? Not at all.

Q. Langston, I gotta admit that was good work on Butler. Seems they deserve it. You all seem to ignore the teams on the north end of town though. you know h-dub and north played for conference title last week in baseball? No coverage. I could go on. Please give us some love up here -- A Concerned Parent

A. Thanks for the nice note on the Butler piece. I wish I could find a story like that every day. Maybe you all can help me and clue me in on stuff. As for Hopewell-North, we also had the SW 4A tournament going on at the same time and our resident baseball writer, Cliff Mehrtens, said we had too many games and not enough troops to cover them. We’ll try to do better. I promise.

Q. Langston, are you all going to cover the playoffs next week? What's in the works?

A. We’re going hog-wild, bananas, covering the playoffs this week and last week. There are some good storylines developing. We’ll do a ton in Wednesday and Thursday’s papers. This weekend we’ve got state championships in tennis and track and all the private schools. It’s a big week. We’re gearing up for it.

Q. Thoughts on the Gorman's group proposals? I don't like the sit out thing

A. I’m really more curious as to what you all think of them. Until we get the final word from him, I think everything else is premature. I know that Charlotte is being looked at by others in the state as being a leader, as being proactive.

Q. Langston, there hasn't been enough coverage of Butler recently. Can we please see more stories about them? Four in one day is just not enough.

A. Hmm, I sense a little sarcasm, eh? Well I thought it was a great moment in time for Butler, which was doing so well in spring at that moment. I tried to tie in a neat but sad story about their soccer coach with other spring players/teams doing well. It could’ve been West Meck or Kell or anywhere, just happened to be Butler.

Q. LW, thank you for the great coverage of Butler Spring Sports. The school is having an oustanding season. Thanks for your support! -- Don Dawg

A. You got it Don.

Q. how do you think the garinger wildcats baseball team did this season? also how about the pitcher david johnson? and hitters like tommy johnson and ryan meadows batting .525 and others?

A. I was really impressed with Garinger and loved seeing them perform so well. Folks are telling me that Garinger is on the way back up, especially in football. I’d love to see the Wildcats officially end the streak. I know they want to do it.

Q. Serious ? 4 U: why do U write?

A. That’s a great question. I write because I enjoy it. I’ll read something funny or moving and I want to write something. You know how if you like basketball a lot and you watch it on TV and you just gotta go outside and play? That’s me with writing.

I went to Chapel Hill for pre-med or pre-law (the dreaded undecided major) but a young lady named Andrea Shaw in my English class told me I should try out for the Daily Tar Heel. She thought I wrote well. I just thought it was all funny. Chapel Hill wouldn’t admit my mother back when she applied in the late '50s, but here I was trying out for the student newspaper.
Scott Fowler, now a columnist here, was sports editor. He asked me to watch a game and write about it. Like, 250 people applied for jobs at the student paper that fall. I got one. And once I got behind that computer, I was in love. So to answer you question, I write because I love it. I write because I want to. I write because I have to. It’s a passion of mine.


Anonymous said...

LangDaddy good to see you back. No sitout rule was added by the citizens committee on eligibility. The NCHSAA enacted a 365 sitout rule for people providing fraudulent documentation. I think CMS would have adopted that if not put in place before they had a chance to act. CMS has sitout rules in place that are much tougher than any other area and those remain in tact. jt

dubc said...

Mr.W last week I was in class & i happened to see Jessica Freeman(butler)w/her parents & staff walking around @ the dub c! have you heard anything about this? if so what do you think of this addition to our girls program? is she the missing piece to a state title? i would certainly welcome her to the DUB C! I peeped her working out with her trainer @ the y recently she seems to have gotten stronger & better! all the fella wanted her on their team! she got busy!

Anonymous said...

Langston, is Brand the right guy at WC and what's going on with the Chester job? Will Shipp go back to work with Brand? Will Tedder?

Anonymous said...

Langston, I'm a West Charlotte parent VERY involved with our football team. I'm glad to see coach Flowers get a new job. I don't care about some undeserved ban he got from CMS for a year. He's a good coach. Like Tocuchey, he did not do ANYTHING WRONG. I know.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wertz, pardon the intrusion. I'm a writer at a small paper, a young writer. I was curious who do you think is the best high school reporter in the state and who taught you? What advice would you give a cub reporter?

Anonymous said...

LW, what do you know about the Fla team Indy will play?

Don said...

I am glad to see that Don Dawg is back in the saddle!


Anonymous said...

So TK and Indy will bravely go play some unknown Florida 2A state champ Madison County?
Last September 2007 TK and his nationally 5th ranked Indy Pats made a terrible decision to travel 500 miles to Cinncinati Ohio to play some lesser known fairly weak all catholic 998 student all white boy Elder High who called upon Mother Mary in OT to miraculously break Americas longest ever public high school winning streak of 109 games that set up a disastrous season for the first time since 1999 having won an incredible record 7 straight 4A state football titles and technically throwing the 2007 title game to New Bern.

The situation of playing Madison County is laughable at best as this small 2A Florida school has no history of domination whatsoever in the #1 football state in America and has only 771 students 9-12 playing in a weak conference as a small rural northern Georgia border county.

If TK wanted to play a real 2A champ why didnt he schedule the much more superior 2AA NC schools with Shelby or Reidville who played for the title in 2007 and are household names in this state? Shelby lost to Reidsville 28-20 but these 2 schools have a long history of excellent football.
Reidsville leads NC in alltime state football titles at 13 with Shelby at 9 titles.
These 2 schools are excellent in overall state titles with Shelby having 24 and Reidsville 22 also.

On a final note if TK wanted to play a real Florida football school of equal size to Independence who is listed as the #1 biggest school in NC at 2641 students?
Florida has up to 6A. Why didnt TK schedule Northwestern ( Miami ) who won the 2007 football 6A state title?
How about Aquinas ( Ft Lauderdale ) who won the 2007 5A state title?
How about Washington ( Miami ) who won the 2007 4A state title?
How about even Naples who won the 3a state title?

Indy at 2641 students playing Madison Cty Fl at 771 students is a joke, right?

Anonymous said...

Thoughts on kell-providence saturday? I think we'll get 'em this time -- Dence 8

PDfkL said...

Hey Langston I see you like Latin a lot and I go to P-Diddy as you like to call it. I was at the playoff lacrosse game and a Latin parent was thrown out because he was about to fight a P-Diddy student. But thats
not all, after the game ended on a Latin sudden death goal, another Latin dad walked in front of the student section and said, and I quote, "Woo-hoo we'll see you in football next year too!" A student then says something about it and the dad rushes back to the student angry like his fellow Latin fan. That's some good Latin spirit right?

Mrs. Glenn's class said...

Langston, I'm a middle school English teacher in CMS. My class and I were talking about some issues today and one of the students suggested we come here and ask some questions. They all seem to read this.

1. We saw Butler had ineligible player today. Will they forfeit all their games.
2. In California, they OK'd same-sex marriage. Do you think we should have that here? Do you like the rule?
3. We are talking about local government. One of my students was asking why are some people so upset that city council wants to give itself a 10 percent raise?