Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hopscotching around the prep baseball playoffs

-I felt like I was in one of those storm chaser stories on the Weather Channel at Ardrey Kell’s baseball playoff Tuesday, but the storm was chasing me.

It had been very windy as the teams warmed up. Then the wind stopped. Ominous clouds and lightning rolled into south Charlotte quickly. The clouds were lower than usual, and dark as a bruise.

Ardrey Kell officials moved the crowd off the metal bleachers and into the gym when they learned of a tornado warning. Good call. The rain fell at 7:04, and didn’t stop for a long while.

Sitting in the gym was boring, so after 40 minutes, I went outside in the light rain. I love baseball fans’ optimism - several stood by the backstop discussing whether the puddles could be cleared. Players mingled. Coaches pondered, and after about an hour, postponed the game.
The upside: A perfect rainbow overhead, clear enough to see all its colors.

-Providence’s 10-4 win at South Caldwell shocked folks across the state. The Panthers beat the defending 4A champions, who hadn’t allowed a run in the first three playoff games, and none in the first four innings Tuesday.
Providence began its season 0-3.

It rallied, playing in the state’s best conference (Southwestern 4A) and against a solid nonconference schedule. The Panthers didn’t panic after falling behind 3-0 at South Caldwell.

"A resilient bunch of kids," coach Danny Hignight said.

-East Rowan (26-2) extended its winning streak to 22 with a 5-4 victory against Mooresville in 3A. The Mustangs trailed 4-0 heading into the bottom of the seventh, and scored five times.

-East Rutherford, defending state champion, is pounding the ball in the 2A playoffs. The Cavaliers have scored 11, six, 13 and nine runs, and will play Ledford (24-6) in the best-of-3 semifinals.

-Cliff Mehrtens


Anonymous said...

Since the Observer doesn't seem to care...Cherryville advanced to the 1A Western North Carolina finals with a win last night over Polk County.

Anonymous said...

It's actually the (South) Charlotte Observer. The haven't a clue that there is high school baseball in any other part of the county, let alone any other part of the state. It's all about Butler, Providence, Ardrey Kell, Weddington, Myers Park, and South Meck.....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and those "terse comments" last week started when the Big Boy's dad accused the pitcher of intentionally hitting batters, who actually leaned into pitches. Then he was telling the home team's fans to "Shut up!" That says it all. Just remember, Daddy, what goes around comes around.