Monday, April 21, 2008

Q&A: Wertz on Hopewell, Sweet 16s

Langston Wertz Jr.'s Q&A is moving to the Prep Insiders blog. You can email questions to or post replies to this blog entry by clicking on comments link below. Langston will pull those questions and answers them periodically.

Here are the latest questions and answers:

Q. Langston, did you hear about Hopewell's charity night Friday? Barry, Huntersville.

A. Yes, Barry, Hopewell is having a special charity night to benefit injured troops returning from Iraq. The baseball team has gotten two multi-night cruise trips to raffle off and will sell some special jerseys that they'll wear during the game. All proceeds will benefit the troops. There'll be more in Tuesday's paper, but I think it's neat that kids can identify something like this and try to make it happen. I hope the Hopewell and Mallard Creek communities (Mallard Creek plays at Hopewell Friday) will go out and support this neat effort.

Q. L-Dub, why are there no Sweet 16s for spring sports like you have
with football and basketball? You know there's only one girls Sweet 16,
right? Marvin E., Weddington

A. Marvin, in the past, we've done Sweet 16s in softball, girls soccer
and baseball. We stopped because compiling records for area teams in
those sports is an arduous task, particularly with rain outs and
reschedules. We have returned with the baseball Sweet 16, which you'll
notice is announced once per week on Thursdays.

Will anything else change moving forward? I don't know.

Q. Glad you're back, L-Dub. I noticed that the NCHSAA salaries were very
wide on you all's list the other day. Did that surprise you? --

A. Yeah a few people pointed out to me that the executive director made
more than $180,000 -- or more than double his chief assistants. I would think that
the associates and assistants would be a little closer in range. I know
people for years have speculated about the NCHSAA budget and salaries.
So some folks got a long-awaited answer, or at least part of one.

Q. Langston, thanks so much for bringing the Q&A back. We missed it. I
wanted to say your points on Kobe were right on. Kids will copy that
stuff. My question is how did Traynham not make the All-Observer team? I
thought it was pretty balanced but you only had one Vance kid on there
and they were second best in your area, right? -- Vance4Life, Charlotte

A. Vance Fan, thanks on the Kobe column. I heard from a LOT of people about that one.

As for Daryl Trayham, the Vance sophomore had an excellent season. He made all conference and I voted for him for the all-region team which he also made.

Naming the All-Observer team is a tough thing. We cover 120-plus schools and there were lots of great players all over. As a sophomore who came in after the season began, Trayham had a good run. I thought he was a good lead guard. He was certainly "on the bubble" of our all-star teams. Several guys were.

Whenever we do all star teams, you should hear my voice mail. Sounds like a Richard Pryor concert. I'm just glad people are so passionate about this stuff. Makes the job fun.

Q. Langston, do you think the Tar Heel trio should go pro? And thanks for bringing this back, dude. -- Tonya Norman, Charlotte

A. No I don't. I think Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington have significant enough questions about their games that they would be low first round picks at best. If anything, they could declare and not hire agents -- and definitely not go to the draft in person.

I think they'll both make more money and be drafted higher and be better prepared after another year in school.

As for Tyler Hansbrough, I think -- deep down -- he really wants the ring. He apparently doesn't need the dough (at least as a primary reason for leaving early) and he's the glamour boy of college ball. Before he goes and sits on somebody's NBA bench, I think I'd want to enjoy the limelight for one more year. Besides, he's not a lottery pick this year. He's a solid NBA player but not a team-changer. Next year, in a thinner '09 draft class, he could go top 12. And when he does he could go as one of the 10 best college players ever.

Q. Langston, when is Dub-C going to get a football coach? Who's the front runner. And what's up with your boy Tom Tindall? I thought you had him the job at P-Diddy. Tell us? -- Anonymous

A. I've heard the Lions have made a recommendation to the school board and are awaiting approval. It's time to get a coach in there for weight training and spring drills.

As for Tommy, my understanding is that it was his to turn down at Providence Day and when they met, there was a clash of philosophies. Providence Day got a good man in Bruce Hardin. Tell you what, if Oddo ever leaves Catholic, I think Tommy might make a good fit there, too. I know he'd be interested.

Q. Who are your conference favorites in the big 3 city conferences. Who's your fave on Idol? -- Anonymous

A. Catholic or Olympic in Queen City. North Meck or Hopewell in ME-CA. Kell/Providnce/Myers Park in SW4A....On Idol, tell you what, I have liked David Cook from the beginning. I'm not much for rock music, but I'd buy his album if he's as creatively risky as he is on the show. Dude's a major talent, probably the second best ever on Idol after Fantasia, who's just freakishly talented.

I liked Chikeze and thought he was ready to make records now, too, but of the remaining contestants, it's gotta be David Cook. After him, I'd say David Arculeta. Among the women, Syesha is really, really good. It's been a good year for Idol, I'd say.


Pops said...

langton, chikieze? c'mon dude. anyoo, my question is when are you gonna give my girl Orr at Butler a little bit of props. I know you love Ashton Ward, but this girl can go, too. -- Pops, Matthews

Anonymous said...

Langston, what doyou know about the summer league in west Charlotte this year? Is that real?

Anonymous said...

Langston, you guys going to do the lacrosse city championships? I know you want city championships in football and basketball. We have one now.

Anonymous said...

Langston, the rumor is the coaches at MP, the Dence and a few otehrs are eyeing our job out here at NW Cabbarrus. Who would be a good fit out here?

IKnowWhatYouDont said...

Langston, top 5 returning players in football in the area next year?

Anonymous said...

I agree w/u on Fantasia. Kelly should be up there, 2, and Carrie. This year is not as good as the year Fantasia won either.

MyersPark87 said...

where is the spring sports coverage, dude? it's been disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Langston, i second the comment about the lacrosse stuff. you all should cover that more. it's the fastest growing sport in the nation

Cowboypunks said...

lang, please tell me you saw your boy emmit doing his mock draft. straight comedy