Thursday, April 24, 2008

Observer baseball player of the year history

While sitting at a game Tuesday, I had a discussion about Observer baseball players of the year. Sadly, my advancing age prevented me from recalling too far back.

Thank goodness for archives, as I was able to construct the list of winners we’ve named since 1990.

It also set me to thinking (preliminarily, of course) about players in contention for the award this season. There are key conference and playoff games to be played, but who are your contenders for Observer player of the year?

Post your thoughts in the comment section below.

The list:

2007: Madison Bumgarner, South Caldwell
2006: Jared Bard, Char. Christian
2005: Ryan Morris, South Meck
2004: Chad Flack, East Rutherford
2003: Daniel Bard, Char. Christian
2002: Kris Harvey, Catawba Bandys
2001: Charlie Lisk, Fort Mill
2000: Joey Babyak, Char. Christian
1999: Jason King, West Meck
1998: Demetric Smith, Rock Hill Northwestern
1997: Barrett Wright, Myers Park
1996: B.J. Hawkins, Independence
1995: Jeremy Schumacher, Providence
1994: Bo Robinson, South Meck
1993: Dan Carlson, Charlotte Latin
1992: David Darwin, West Meck
1991: Trevin Smith, West Meck
1990: Tim Hix, Harding

-- Cliff Mehrtens