Tuesday, April 22, 2008

City lacrosse championship begins Thursday

The second Charlotte City Lacrosse Championship begins Thursday.

Charlotte Country Day is the defending champion.

The event could be hotly contested. According to the website laxpower.com, which tracks teams nationally, five of the top 50 teams in the southeast are from the Charlotte area: No. 10 Charlotte Catholic, No. 12 Providence Day, No. 23 Charlotte Country Day, No. 26 Providence Day and No. 48 Providence.

The N.C. High School Athletic Association, which is the governing body for 355 mostly public high schools, does not recognize lacrosse as an official sport. Lacrosse is considered a club sport. The NCHSAA doesn't host a state championship for the sport and the Observer typically does not cover club sports. There are too many club sports played by area high school students and the newspaper doesn't have the manpower or space to attempt coverage.

The N.C. Independent Schools do recognize lacrosse as an official sport and will hold state championships May 13, 15 and 17 at Charlotte Latin School.

Here is the schedule for this week's event and final local rankings, courtesy of Charlotte Lacrosse News:

Top 8 Final Rankings
1. Catholic
2. Country Day
3. Providence Day
4. Providence
5. Latin
6. Weddington
7. Myers Park
8. North Meck

City Championship Schedule:
Thursday, April 24
1-8 North Meck @ Catholic Time & Location TBA
2-7 Myers Park @ CCDS Time TBA
3-6 Weddington vs. Providence Day School @ Queens U Marion Diehl Field 6:00 PM
4-5 Latin @ Providence HS Time TBA
Saturday, April 26 @ Ardrey Kell HS
1:00 PM 1-8 Loser vs. 2-7 Loser
3:00 PM 4-5 Loser vs. 3-6 Loser
5:30 PM 1-8 Winner vs. 4-5 Winner
8:00 PM 2-7 Winner vs. 3-6 Winner
Monday, April 28
Championship Game
1-8-4-5 WINNER vs. 2-7-3-6 WINNER 7:30 PM @ Queens U Marion Diehl Field

-- Langston Wertz Jr.


A.J. Acitelli said...


Thanks for the mention in the blog. I understand the resource/staffing constraints, but your comment "Lacrosse is considered a club sport" is incorrect. Lacrosse is recognized by many public schools and the Catholic schools in North Carolina as a varsity sport.

According to the NCHSAA, individual schools, or conferences, or school systems, can recognize a sport as a varsity sport even though the NCHSAA does not sanction the sport. The NCHSAA will not sanction the sport unless 1/4 of the high schools playing the sport recognize it as a varsity level program.

The NCHSLA was organized in 1997 when the private schools sanctioned lacrosse and split from the existing combined private/public club league. At that time there were only six public schools playing varsity lacrosse. In order to obtain membership to the NCHSLA, a school or school system is required to recognize their team(s) as being varsity status. The NCHSLA has held state championship tournament since that year. In 2005, the league split into two divisions, a 4A and a 2A/3A division and started hosting championships for both. That year the championships were held at SAS stadium in Cary with over 2,500 people in attendance. Today, in the 2008 season, there are 53 public schools playing varsity lacrosse in North Carolina (and others playing on a club level).

NCHSLA athletes are constantly getting recruited to play lacrosse at the collegiate level, including D-1. One NC athlete made the national U-19 team. College coaches know what's going on with Lacrosse in North Carolina; the Observer readers should too. Lacrosse is the one of the fastest growing sports in the state and nationally. Please see http://www.uslacrosse.org/pdf/07participationsurvey.pdf for more details. Lacrosse in the greater Charlotte area is not just a "club sport" any more.

sales said...

There are 80 high school teams currently playing lacrosse in NC. 56 are public school teams recognized as varsity programs by their schools, 14 are private schools and the sport is recognized by the NCISAA, 10 are club teams. Next year, 15 Charlotte area schools will field varsity lacrosse teams: Country Day, Providence Day, Latin, Cannon, Catholic, Providence, Ardrey Kell, South Meck, Butler, Weddington, Marvin Ridge, Myers Park, Hopewell, North Meck and Mallard Creek. Lake Norma n and Denver field club teams. Between varsity and JV over 600 high school athletes are playing lacrosse. It's not a club sport any longer.

mike mcnulty said...

OK, so the Charlotte Observer's Sports Department won't expend resources on a sport that isn't officially "sanctioned" by the NCHSAA, despite the fact that several dozen (and counting) public and private high schools in North Carolina field VARSITY teams for both boys AND girls.

Fair enough.

However, I know of a certain Democratic/presidential hopeful who hasn't yet been officially "sanctioned" as his party's candidate, but that didn't stop the Charlotte Observer's Editorial Board -- or McClatchy Newspapers for that matter -- from jumping onto that bandwagon -- or should I say, "Obamawagon" -- early on.

What a bunch of hypocrites.

-Mike McNulty

Anonymous said...

Isn't about the kids? This would be positive publicity and if the NCHSAA sanctioned would open the door for more scholarship opportunities for the student athletes? It seems like the observer is upset about lacrosse growing as a sport? I couldn't imagine the direction of my life with out sports. It teaches many important traits(hardwork, dedication, commitment, teamwork) which seems to be lacking in the recent era.