Friday, February 8, 2008

Scholars deserve signing day notice, too

National signing day was all about lists Wednesday.

Which college had the best recruits? Where were N.C.’s top 50 players headed? How about S.C.?

You could go cross-eyed reading them all.

But, as the Observer compiled where area high school athletes were heading, two names jumped out at me.

West Charlotte seniors Joshua Bridges and Christopher Brevard turned down football offers for academic scholarships. Their names didn’t make any of the lists you see in newspapers and on recruiting websites.

Bridges turned down an offer to play at N.C. Central for an academic scholarship to North Carolina.

Brevard chose an academic ride at North Carolina over a football offer at Dartmouth.
Textbooks instead of touchdowns.

“Both those guys were leaning toward academics, and that’s not knocking the other football players,” West Charlotte assistant Anthony Sterling said. “They both have 4.0 grade-point averages, and based on what they want to do, this was the best decision for them.”

This isn’t to say football players’ decisions aren’t important. No two students or athletes are alike. The athletes who were talented and fortunate enough to land scholarships should be commended for the work and perseverance they put in, from a young age.

So should the scholars, like Bridges and Brevard.

Good luck to all of you, whether you strap on shoulder pads or book bags next fall.

-- Cliff Mehrtens


none said...

Weddington HS had athletes that signed or had offers from Davidson, Georgetown, and Washington and Lee.
Touchdowns and academics.Maybe the "All Star" teams in CMS didn't have any offers from these schools.In CMS, touchdowns make more news than academics.We don't have any coaches suspended like WC.Maybe we need to put academics and integrity back in the football picture, before CMS doesn't have anybody left to play.

CMS Parent said...

Last I checked, CMS does not publish the Observer. So how could it determine what's news? I believe the news people do that.

Before you criticize, get some knowledge. Not only do the teachers in CMS have to take many more kids from bad homes, with bad parents, they also help children who have the fortitude to get a good education despite their background.

If you check your facts you will see that students from CMS schools get as many if not more academic scholarships to top ranked schools as the private (and surburban) schools do! And when you carve the numbers based on socio-economic factors, the success is even greater.

Sure, the sports need cleaning up. But CMS is much much more than sports. Sports just sell papers.

Stop hating and whining. "Look at me! I do good, hey, look at me!" .... Please!

none said...

I worked in CMS for 6 years. I did my best for the socio-economic deprived students.I'll stack my record with dealing with disadvantaged students with you or anyone else.Get off your high horse. If you read my comments, it was directed at those schools that cheat to win, and send children the wrong message. The inner ring schools are almost the forgotten children, nobody cares about them, except in athletics. Read for understanding before you go off. In your words, PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should take a look at the CMS website and see the story about the THIRTY-SIX students that were recently inducted into the National Honor Society at West Chalotte.

WC has its ills, but they have more academic success than is publicized as well as athletic success.

The WC coaches were, imho, subjected to nothing short of a witch hunt. Indy has SEVERAL ineligible players. The school says "we didn't know" and nothing else happened. And though the circumstances were different, the same thing happened at South Meck that happened at West Charlotte...but with different results. No one EVER mentions the "mixed message" that parents send to get their kids in a school for academic reasons. "Hmmmm"

By the way, West Charlotte darn sure wouldn't have to cheat to beat the likes of Weddington.