Thursday, December 6, 2007

NCHSAA director Adams on CMS eligibility

N.C. High School executive director Charlie Adams said he understands why some parents and fans cannot understand why South Mecklenburg and Independence were not punished the same way in recent instances where ineligible players were found.

South Meck had a quarterback living with his grandparents without an NCHSAA-mandated guardianship transfer.
Independence apparently had a student who deceived the school about where he lived.
The Independence student was pulled from the team before the second game of the playoffs. South Meck's season ended before the playoffs began.

"We used to have the same penalty for everything," Adams said. "If you had an ineligible player, you dropped the player and forfeited games he played in. Then the (NCHSAA) board started thinking about this thing and came back and said if player or their parents falsify info and school has done everything they could to check that out, then the penalty should be on kid and not the school or team."

Adams said that's why Independence is contiuning to play.

He said he understands how the South Meck situation came about -- no CMS official told the Sabres quarterback and his family that they needed a legal guardianship transfer to play sports. The family did not ask and South Meck athletic officials didn't catch the error.

"We say ignorance is no excuse," Adams said. "It's about where to draw the line. In the South Meck case, very clearly the person was playing out of unit and the penalty, of course, is that the player is dropped from the team and games you participated in are forfeited and your record then determines if you move forward or not."

The Sabres quarterback played in all 11 games, meaning South Meck's season was done.

"Our understanding was that the South Meck case case was clear cut ineligibility," Adams said, "and what we’ve heard is reports of Independence and West Charlotte are falsification of records by individuals or parents. That's the reason for the two different penalities. I know it’s hard for people to understand why South Meck was treated one way and Independence treated antoher but according to CMS, it was two different cases. Eligibility rests with the (school) unit and the only time we’re involved in it is when the school calls us and reports. Then we tell them what penalty is."
Langston Wertz Jr.


JAT said...

LW -- Next time you talk to Charlie, please ask him why the NCHSAA continues to collect $1.5M. a year from HS playoffs when it is already sitting on millions in the bank and the UNC system pays Charlie $170K a year while maintaining a fleet of cars for guess would be that is the last time he ever talks to you.

Are you a journalist or an access broker?


Anonymous said...

$170k a year for his position does not seem like it is out of the ballpark. He is paid what an average size county pays its superintendent.

I have dealt with some other state associations in other states and the NCHSAA is better than average. One of the big obstacles that no one seems to realize is that they are not the final decision maker on much of the legislation. The school admin and coaches are involved. Remember they voted in the subdivided playoffs which I dislike extremely.

Andrew said...

i mean, 7 ineligible players? thats starting to get into the realm of somebody at the school knew something. I know it sounds like im bashing indy but at what point does the finger get pointed at the school? 10 players? 20? 30? or never? you would think with tommy's past that checking player eligibility would be second nature for him by now.

Anonymous said...

CL--Why isn't anyone checking Charlotte Catholic HS? They have players from South Carolina and anywhere else they want to live. NCHSAA rules should apply to everyone. Why is Charlotte Catholic allowed to play outside of rules applied to everyone else? How many other schools are operating like this in the NCHSAA system?

Anonymous said...

Poor schools. They bear no responsbility yet CMS investigation takes about one day to discover the fakes. Gee its too bad the ever trusting naive school coach AD and administrators were taken for such a ride and conned.

We feel sympathy for Indy getting conned so badly all these yrs.

Seriously if you really want immediate results on player residence offer a 500.00 reward for snitching always talks .. CMS would be Mr. Clean in no time flat.

And while you at it CMS needs to fire rogue lying caniving principals who shirk their own responsibility & use innocent young scapegoat coaches to blame for their own lack of responsibility for verbal only incidents on the field after ballgames after the coach is only trying to protect his team from cursing ranting taunting fans of the opposing team as the rogue incredibly hands out unbeliveably a one full year suspension in what has to be the greatest injustice in the history of CMS or NCHSAA for that matter.
This guilty rogue knows who he is as does CMS.

Lohnmower said...

To anonymous about Charlotte Catholic.

Catholic is a private school playing in the public school league. The administration, coaches, and parents are trophy hunters. They do no care how the trophy comes, just that it comes. Win at all costs. They have a complete private league within biking distance. Instead, they choose to play in a public school league and LOOK like winners, when in fact they may be the biggest losers in all of Charlotte.

The NCHSAA should be called on the carpet for allowing a private school to play in the public school leagues. Parents have put their children at Catholic for years for the very same reason parents are trying to get their children into specific public schools. Catholic is sanctioned and authorized to do exactly what CMS schools are being penalized for. Not a very level playing field is it?

Catholic would rather take a 30 mile bus ride into the country and beat a public school by 30 goals in soccer than play Charlotte Latin or one of the other private schools. They should be forced to play in the correct league. Every four years the public schools are PUT into the correct conferences based on geography and enrollment.

As you bring up, how about eligibility for Catholic players? A private school operates with none of the boundaries imposed on public schools. Every player penalized so far in the CMS investigation would be eligible at Catholic. Catholic plays with a monstrous advantage and it should not be allowed.

Shame on the administration of Charlotte Catholic.
Shame on the parents
Shame on the NCHSAA

Hal Lohn

Anonymous said...

It did not take CMS long to find some JV players to take the fall. Does anyone else think that is suspicious? How can anyone at CMS even use the word Integrity. The NCHSAA is too concerned about the MONEY to do anything more at this time.

NEW Bern Bears Mom! said...

Reading some of this stuff makes me even prouder of my New Bern Bears than I already was!

Our coach and AD have done everything right and we are playing with ALL of our players eligible.

Whether we win or lose, we know that our team is awesome!

Anonymous said...

hmm i see what we have to look forward to tomorrow.

well, whether WE win or lose, we know we have an awesome team as well.

see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

anonymous said...
i think letting independence play for a championship is a disgrace all of NCHSAA and AD, COACHES should look into a new field of employment.

Anonymous said...

When New Bern gets wasted 50-0 dont whine and cry. Understand that the current Indy players have all been checked out and are 100% legit just like you say yours are. NCHSAA is perfectly satified so dont complain about your loss. You are way out of your league anyway.

beejm said...

Adams and NCHSAA what a disgusting partnership in crime. Destroy South Meck's season because a kid wants to graduate here after his family moves out of state, but let the liars and connivers play on.

Frankly Tommy Knotts' backside has the lip blots of NCHSAA cretins and Ms. Adams all over it.


Anonymous said...

How can Independence claim they didn't know that the first player suspended was not elligible. Did the fact that he moved from Porter Ridge to Independence when the Defensive Coordinator went back not raise a LARGE RED FLAG? Do you really think that Independence officials would stand up and say "Yes we knew that he shouldn't be her?" Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Kind of shocking to see Knotts intentionally throw the game to New Bern but it makes sense to stop the complaints and possible lawsuits with the can of worms opened up so big to pacify these babies.
Actually West Charlotte was supposed to win the semi-final as Knotts was prepared to give them a win so at least a CMS team could win but the stupid AD got caught redhanded so they blew it bigtime and had the stuff to win it all handily.
Surprising also to see Catholic throw theirs to Dudley to get all the heat off any school from Mecklenburg and they were also whining about the Cougs being parochial and having no districts.

Its too bad that you have to let these non-Meck team win but for political logic sometimes you gotta take one one on the chin.
Whether Indy or the Cougs got something under the table for going along with the program is unknown but doubtful since this should take the heat off all Meck schools. Sometimes you gotta throw a bone to the dogs to keep em happy.

Be on notice. Nomore free lunches in 2008 and beyond for all non-Meck schools in post season. No mercy. No prisoners.

Anonymous said...


It's obvious that your team lost to CC a few times too many, so I'm not going to address your hangups -- they are yours to get over as any adult ought to.

But for the rest of the reading audience, a few corrections:

- Catholic has played in the NCHSAA longer than most Mecklenburg County schools have even existed. The state long ago figured out how to handle their presence properly and they've been a model citizen in the public league for decades. No scandals, no revelations of recruiting or falsified paperwork, no dirt under the carpet.

- Hal calls Catholic "trophy hunters", yet there were no complaints when the football team was going 2-10 every year through the 1990s. Only in the past 5 years when football has been strong, have we seen "concerned" parents come out of the woodwork to complain about Catholic.

- Hal says Catholic refuses to play other private schools, yet all you need to do is look at their schedule to see that they play EVERY major private school in Charlotte in every sport. CD, PD, Latin, you name it -- Catholic plays 'em all. They just aren't in the same conference.

- More importantly, everyone should know by now: if a player transfers to Catholic they will sit out a year of sports. That's why Catholic cannot and does not recruit. It would be a lose-lose for everyone involved.

- Hal claims that parents put their kids in Catholic to be part of the sports program. He neglects to mention that the majority of kids who graduate from Catholic come to the school at age 10 or younger. No parent would put an 8-year-old in the Catholic school system, and pay nearly $100,000 in tuition, on the basis that they "might" one day be good at sports. Furthermore, the kids who are graduating from Catholic today generally entered the system in the mid-1990s, when Catholic sports was not a factor statewide.

Let's not let bitterness and bad-will get the better of us. Catholic has done nothing wrong and should not be slandered.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hal Charlotte Catholic is a Private School they can play anyone they want

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, the South Meck. kid and his grandparents make a paper work foul up and his team must forefit yet Indy has players that were intentionally deceptive and they were able to play? Indy should bare some responsibility and know where their kids live.

Anonymous said...

The South Meck Kid claims to have been living with his Grandparents while his Mother was still living here in Union county untill the house sold... yeah, right. I'm sure his head was on a pillow every night in Union County and South Meck knew all about it. So that's why they had to forfiet their season. If Independece would of had to cancel their season because of kids giving fake addresses then Butler would have to cancel theirs also. That's why they have been so quiet through all of this because they know they had some ineligible players and was thankful they didn't get caught, but just wait winter and spring season will be here soon.

Anonymous said...

What I wonder is why West Charlotte hasn't had to forfeit, even though there's good reason to believe they helped falsify paperwork.

New Bern Fan said...

To Anonymous,
Indy didn't throw the game w/ New Bern; They got beat! New Bern showed up with the better team Saturday night. Since New Bern has made it to the Championship game 4 of the last 6 years I think it is safe to say it was their turn.

I think one of the New Bern Students had a sign that said it all.....
Beating Cheaters...Priceless

Charles said...

i have always thought charlotte high school football coaches were the most crooked and now the news about how they recruit and then act like they do not know anything about it,what a joke.
you know it even goes on in youth football.
win win no mater what rules have to be broken.
parents are to be blamed as much as anyone!

Anonymous said...

Explain how an ineligible West Charlotte player was living with the AD's in-laws, and yet somehow the school isn't to blame.

Anonymous said...

To the New Bern fans who call Independence cheaters it's obvious you know nothing about Independence, all you know is that we have beaten you three out of the four times we played you. So go back to your little one school town and enjoy your championship while it last because the trophy will be back in Charlotte next year!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we did go back to our "little one school town" and our team took the trophy with us!!! We are so proud of our team and our community is united in support of them. Thanks to all those Charlotte people who supported New Bern in the final. There are many advantages to being a "little one school town."

Anonymous said...

To the person who said Tommy Knotts intentionally threw the game - Where you there? It became very apparent, especially in the last 2 quarters, when Knotts was sweating so bad he had a t-shirt under his polo shirt with a big "8" on it. He very much expected to win this one! How many years has Indy gotten away with state titles, with ineligible players? There was a kid there on the New Bern side with a poster that summed it all up - it said:

What's Your Address???

Anonymous said...

Unquestionably Independence High School who had won 109 straight before the OT loss in Ohio Sept 1for a national high school public school records with 7 straight state big 4a titles allowed New Bern to win especially with all the controversy swirling and the whiners and complainers who fail to take into consideration that nobody has ever been at this upper level of winning before How many coaches or schools could win 7 straight and 109 games if they had the pick of the litter anyway? ZERO. Most would get tripped up in the first season.

What is being overlooked here is the amazing consistency of this coach who would put most D1A or NFL coaches to shame and players who win ballgames without having bad games. The phenomenal acheivement of this magnitude is a million to 1 odds. Perfection is impossible but IHS and Knotts did it.

It is pathetic to see the jealousy that exist over a once in a lifetime feat and total perfection and of course everything get blown way out of proportion.

To top it all off is Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools had not only excellent football teams like Independence but also West Charlotte and Butler who would destroy anyone in the state too. You also have Providence and schools like Vance or North Mecklenburg or East Mecklenburg or even Myers Park with some very good teams.
On the private or parochial side you have the likes of Charlotte Catholic who has won 3 titles or Country Day who dominate the independent titles. You also have good teams like Latin and Charlotte Christian among others.

You whiners can whine all day but unquestionably CMS has more talent to spread around than Carter has liver pills and Independence only had a portion of that talent. Go ask former state dominators Richmond County and their 5 titles about the 1st 2nd and even 3rd tiers teams who have wasted them in the 2000 21 century era.

Be all so glad that in 2007 there was controversy that mainly started with another CMS school South Meck or they would have won their 8th straight.

Come back next year after things have cooled off. The talent is still there at least 10 high schools all spread out.

But then again Mecklenburg County has over 800,000 residents as the biggest in both states so this should be normal anyway.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing all the people that are so jealous of Independence. We have the best High school football coach in NC. Everybody wants to play for Coach Knotts and that is a compliment to him. Everybody wants to call Independence cheaters then you can call all of CMS cheaters because if you checked addresses of all players at all schools you would surely find ineligible players at every school. It's time to check every CMS school, not just the winning school. Independence does not have alot of D1 recruits but we have alot of talent and the best coach ever. It's time to check Butler with all of their D1 recruits.

Anonymous said...

Knotts is the real reason for the success of IHS. The only other coach who could have repeated his feat would have been Bruce Hardin. The fact it wouldnt matter where Knotts coached in CMS either as they would be winners.
The ex Albemarle boy who came to CMS a couple decades ago playing for Duke hit his stride in 2000 and never looked back after having some excellent teams at West Charlotte and even Harding following Hardin at both schools.

While its true that IHS hasnt had a pile of D1A players this is mainly because the mostly native grown homie minorities more into playing local football than academics or leaving Charlotte and satisfied doing their thang in their hometown only although there have been several success stories on the next level.

Butler or other schools on the other hand have more academically oriented players and more willing to leave their homey confines to the next strata.

Knotts was also 100% justified to confront the obnoxious belligerant fan that caused his 10 days suspension since the cops or administration did nothing to prevent it. It is also doubtful this cowardly fan would even consider challenging Knotts outside confines of public schools either or he may suffer more than a fractured nose.

We all know he was feeling the heat and pressure from above and had to throw the game but thats taking nothing away from New Bern who was qualified to be there but just dont understand the ramifications of the situation and this was just a one shot deal for them anyway.

Anonymous said...

The system in CMS is broke. No one has stepped up and accepted responsibility for the utter chaos that is occurring in the CMS athletic department. This is a blanket case of lack of control. The inmates are running the asylum and that would be the school athletic directors and coaches. Forget the football fiasco how about Basketball(E. Meck and who knows who else). Unfortunately, my son plays Basketball for a school that is not in CMS and in the SW4A. We are forced to compete with schools whose Principals, AD's, and coaches have not done their jobs. This creates an unfair advantage for the CMS teams. What a lesson to teach.Hey coaches, How can you possibly not know where your kids live? You are supposed to be a mentor and teach these kids values other than Basketball. If these morons(school administrators, AD's, and Coaches) were in the private sector and were this inept at their duties they would be fired. I have yet to hear of one dismissal. Suspended with pay! Gorman you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Save face and bring out the big Ax, its time to start chopping heads. You are the laughingstock of NC high school systems and possibly the country. This has made the USA Today and that is just the start. WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!

Charles said...

do you think charlotte basketball is as crooked as charlotte football?

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Football is not crooked. It starts with CMS when the child registers for school. All you have to do is give a power bill with your name on it and that can be easily changed. There needs to be more checking then just a power bill. So blame the schools. People lie to get into a school and then they play sports when they should be caught when they register at the school. If the registration process was handled better at CMS then there would be no eligibility issues with sports.

Anonymous said...

You still have not answered my question (see about 6 bloggs ago) - Why did Knotts have the big "8" t-shirt on under his polo if he planned on throwing the game? My bet is that the rest of the coaching staff & the players had them on too!!

Anonymous said...

Yea and theres as ole saying "he who is without sin let him cast the first stone " and we all know who said that.
The fact is the winningest school system and largest in the Carolinas with national stature will always be the first to be scrutinized.
Furthurmore if NCHSAA would do a complete investigation you might find this type of thing is actually less prevalent in Charlotte as opposed to the rest of the state of nation for that matter.
The baseball report just showed close to 90 steroid cheaters and this is just the tip no doubt. Go fig.
All the holier than thou ones ones keep yapping. Like another ole saying goes as long as you are being judged by perfect people then you got no problem.

Sickened and growing sicker by the moment said...

Answering the question of CMS Basketball being crooked, well lets see. East Meck one player found three other players in limbo awaiting decison ,Mallard Creek one found out, and hot off the CMS email hotwire South Meck joins the list today with a new found Basketball illegal transplant. Didn't the coach brag about all the talent he had move into South Meck this year. I guess he didn't say where they moved to. Now we are going to have an assembled group to study the situation. Tax payers money down the drain because people are not performing the duties of their jobs and rules are being broken .The penance for wrongdoings, absolutely nothing to a paid vacation,oops sorry a suspension with pay. Gorman,Carr, CMS HS Principals, AD's, and Coaches you should be ashamed and some of you in search of new careers.