Saturday, December 29, 2007

Concessions a highlight of Bojangles' Shootout

MARVIN -- I have to give some of the fans a lot of credit for hanging out so long at the Bojangles' Shootout out here at Marvin Ridge High. The town of Marvin, where the school is located, is really like Ballantyne South, but it is still a pretty good haul from some parts of Charlotte.

And I'm seeing fans in the morning sessions still around for evening sessions. They don't want to drive all the way home, as one told me, knowing they want to come back and see another game later.

So they hang around.

You hang around, you've got to eat, right? Luckily for us media types, Mert's Heart and Soul restaurant is whipping up some neat treats like some freakishly good BBQ sandwiches and spicy chicken and dumplings (but some drinks would be nice, guys). For the fans, there's a big Bojangles' truck selling spicy chicken; there's hot dogs; there's ice cream stands; there's hamburgers; and there's some tasty-looking Philly Cheesesteaks being sold just past the arena floor.

My favorite concession item, though, is something called What's Water Ice. The owner swears it is fat and cholesterol free and says it's also non-dairy.

To me, it tastes like frozen yogurt. And it's very good.

And I don't usually like ice cream.

If you're out here, you gotta try this stuff. I just wish I could buy it at Harris Teeter.

Langston Wertz Jr.