Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Who could have predicted this?

High school football playoffs always produce surprises. I guarantee there will be scores Friday night that make fans say “wow, didn’t see that coming.”

It’s a continuation of what’s happened all season.

Who among us - and don’t fib - could have predicted back in August:

  • That Independence would have two losses?
  • That a game at Garinger would be moved because of goose poop on the field?
  • That an airplane piloted by a student would fly dangerously close (about 500 feet) above the Hopewell-North Mecklenburg game?
  • That Independence’s Tom Knotts, the state’s highest-profile coach, would be suspended for a confrontation with a player’s father?
  • That Monroe Central Academy, playing its first varsity season, would go 0-11 and tie an N.C. record for zero points in a season (it allowed 615) ?
  • That one game, without overtimes, would produce 120 points ? (Mount Pleasant 72, Monroe 48)
  • That Providence, a preseason Sweet 16 team, would stumble to a 4-7 record?
Playoffs are here. More surprises await.

- Cliff Mehrtens


Anonymous said...

I agree Cliff but all those headlines have made this season one of the most interesting ever in meck county.It was always the unstoppable indy patriots but there is parody in high school football again and i for one love it!!!!GO DAWGS

Anonymous said...

yeah cliff i love it this is how high school football should be any team on any night. I mean the the fact that Butler beats Indy, Indy, Beats East and West Charlotte, and West Charlotte and East mEck bet butler. Tells me the playoffs are going to be interesting. Good year for high school football. Go Bulldogs

Anonymous said...

i agree Cliff
this has been on of the best seasons in Meck County

but you forgot about Ardrey Kell

who would have thought that the 1-9 knights could turn things around in their 2nd season and come our 7-4 on the season
that is truly amazing

Woolbright is coach of the year for sure

Anonymous said...

you also forgot about Hopewell and Charlotte Christian, they have had a big suprise season this year.