Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Don't expect weather to keep dedicated Richmond Senior fans away

Depending on the weather, Memorial Stadium might be soggy on Friday.
It also might be close to full.

Richmond Senior and its legion of fervent fans will invade Charlotte for the 7:30 p.m. N.C. 4AA playoff against West Charlotte.
When the pairing materialized, it reminded me of three years ago, when Richmond was in town for a playoff against Independence.
Gates were scheduled to open at 5:30, a comfortable two hours before kickoff.

The first Richmond fans arrived around 2 p.m.!

What I heard was they politely knocked on the nearby Grady Cole Center door, and asked if they could at least put their seat cushions in the locked, empty stadium. Man, that’s dedication.
Expect another flood of green-wearing fans on Friday. They’ll clash fashion-wise with the maroon of West Charlotte, which also has a huge following.

Both teams are 12-1.

-Cliff Mehrtens


Anonymous said...

After all is completed in deciding how to justify allowing one team to be deleted from play-off games and allowing another to play it is no surprise to see the results.If a parent is willing to lie about the status then the cover-up worked.Even if Independence should win the last two games this season there is no joy in cheating and the rest of the state has no respect for way it has been acheived.

jersey1 said...

ActUALLY THE COVERUP DID NOT WORK. hOW DO YOU THINK THE PARENTS FEEL NOW THAT THEIR KID IS BOOTED? The rules were applied as written--If a school messes up, the school is punished. If a family messes up, the family is punished. If you make rules, you have to follow them. That is what happened.