Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Concord's EZ Smith is Panthers Coach Of The Week

From Staff Reports

The Carolina Panthers have announced Concord High School Head Football Coach E.Z. Smith III as a 2007 Carolina Panthers High School Coach of the Week award recipient.

The program recognizes outstanding high school coaches that have a positive influence in the communities and schools which they serve.

After teaching and serving as an assistant at a Florida high school for four years, Smith took the head coaching job at Concord High School in 1980, where he has been a force since the day he was hired. Smith has a career record of 251-93-1.

The state championship eluded his grasp for 24 years, but Smith finally led the Concord Spiders to a 3-A State Championship in 2004, and then again in 2006.

Smith’s leadership also extends beyond the boundaries of Concord High School. He enjoys promoting youth football involvement to both players and coaches and has performed a number of public speaking roles.

At a USA Football Coaching School, he spoke on his experiences in working with youth and taught various football formations that new and old coaches alike could use on the field. Out of the football arena, Smith has been active in his church, where he has served as the lay-leader, teaches Sunday school classes, and sings at weddings.

In recognition of Coach E.Z. Smith’s achievement, the Carolina Panthers and National Football League will donate $1,000 to the Concord High School athletic department. The ten 2007 High School Coach of the Week recipients will be recognized December 16th at Bank of America Stadium prior to the Seattle Seahawks vs Carolina Panthers game. During the ceremony, the 2007 High School Coach of the Year will be announced.

The Coach of the Year recipient will receive $2,000 from the Carolina Panthers and the NFL to benefit their athletic department.


Anonymous said...

Now if he could only stay off the field when he is supposed to. The officials are blind to it too.

Anonymous said...

Coach of The Week??? What did he actually do this year to deserve this??

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding!!! Was he the only coach nominated??

Anonymous said...

Anybody who stays 28 yrs at the same lil redneck school where they grad in the same lil dump they were raised could find a bone or two after they double up to 8 state titles to make it twice as ez for his smaller schools. How many did they win before 04? They couldnt even win one in the wnchsaa with about 12 schools for 50 yrs. Oh yea they did win in 1935 with 5 schools in it. Then again he was raised a po' boy on cotten mill hill so at least he didnt turn out to be a linthead.
Panthers? Who are they?

Anonymous said...

everyone who posted a negative response is either one a hater or two a loser who has nothing better to do than slam a man who is trying to do something better for the town he grew up in and yes concord had a rebuilding year this year but that has nothing to do with the award he is being given

Anonymous said...

nobody in charlotte gives a rats ass about your little hick town you grew up in. go cry to yo mamma.

Anonymous said...

You can always tell those jealous ones who were not privleged to go to CHS and play for head coach Fleming and his long time assistant coach Smith. You guys get a life. Who would want to have gone to your Mt Pleasant or Northwest anyway? Yuck.
BTW. Whats with the NC on your letter jackets? Does that stand for North Carolina? What dont you use NW instead? Stupid idiots.