Friday, October 12, 2007

Thoughts from the game of the week: East Meck & Butler

It's 6:18, still 40 minutes plus from kickoff and I'm watching East Mecklenburg and Butler getting ready for the game of the week in Charlotte-Mecklenburg tonight. Rapper Kanye West is playing on the speakers asking if we know how he feels, man, because he's not one of the Cosbys, he says, "I didn't go to Hill-man."

Some of the players bounce up and down to the music -- and to the moment.

Butler is going to get its first big test since losing to West Charlotte 20-14 a few weeks back and East Meck -- which has quietly put together a solid season -- has a shot to show it can be a factor in the race for the Southwestern 4A championship and in the playoffs.

The Eagles are excited about tonight and the rest of the season but looking at their roster I see only 17 seniors and 27 underclassmen. Of those underclassmen, 15 are freshmen or sophomores. The future here is bright.

Butler is senior dominated and much bigger, in terms of size.

The Bulldogs know their time is now. They need a big performance tonight as we near the showdown Nov. 2 with Independence.

There are some games you walk into that just have that big game feel to them. This is one. Both teams are ready to get rockin'. I'm ready to watch.
Langston Wertz Jr.


Call It Like I See It said...

Langston, since you were on the sideline some (as read on your Q&A), did it seem to you like the players were having enough fun without having to spike the ball after touchdowns?

Anonymous said...

Way to go Eagles - keep it up! We are so proud of you!!!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why the Bulldogs will not beat Independence. There is way too much inconsistency in the Bulldogs game. They dominated the first half and took a nap in the second half.

The Eagles on the other hand, were playing hard the entire game. The Eagles running game in the 2nd half showed a Bulldog significant weakness. EM only threw a token number of passes in the 2nd.

Come on Bulldogs! You gotta do better than that!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for the Eagles! Our school spirit has risen tremedously and everyone seems to be so pumped for the rest of the season! I think that the heart and the spirit of our players and fans is enough to keep up the great season that we're having :)


Anonymous said...

the east meck cheerleaders are hottttttttttt
im soo happy for the eagles!!