Saturday, October 20, 2007

Stop the complaining, and do the math

Happens every fall, sure as the leaves change color. The Shrine Bowl team is announced, and fans bellyache about kids who didn’t get picked.

It’s a thankless job for the coaching staffs. There are more than 330 high schools in North Carolina. That’s a lot of seniors to choose from. Combines are held the summer before. Film is studied and re-studied.

Then, the state’s best 44 seniors are chosen.

Not everyone agrees, but some fans are myopic. Hey, your conference isn’t going to have 10 players chosen. Your school isn’t going to have four (two per school is the limit).

Normally, two quarterbacks are picked. Tough choice. A third may be listed as a receiver or defensive back, but try picking three from the whole state.

Players 45-80 on the coaches’ list would make a fine team.

But there is only room for 44.

Fans shouldn’t lose sight of what the game generates - funds for children at Shriners Hospitals.
Don’t complain that this guy or that guy didn’t make it. Be happy for the 44 that were picked, and that a game exists to help kids that are much less fortunate.

-Cliff Mehrtens


Anonymous said...

It's a great game for a great cause. My only nitpick is that it seems more geared toward pleasing college scouts than anything else.

In some instances, people are picked because of potential, rather than production.

Still a great game though. Too bad its not still here.

Lee Edwardsen said...

Cliff....agree with your comment as it rings true. Would like to say this though. In the past ALL coaches selected for Shrine--HC...otherwise--were allowed to "bring" a player from their team as incentive....worthy or not. I completely disagree with that practice. Perhaps it is no longer this way but, if not, it certainly was.

Will the game ever return to Memorial?

Thanks Cliff.