Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Some suggestions for end-zone celebrations

I like the tight enforcement of the no-taunting rule in high school football.
Critics say let the kids have fun. You’re taking the fun out of the game.
No, they’re policing the idiocy.

Little kids - and I have one - emulate what they see and hear, quite often in the athletic world.

A filmed highlight on ESPN’s SportsCenter has a huge impact on kids watching. They see an NFL player doing something "creative" after a touchdown or interception, and it soon is imitated on the playground.
Or, as we’ve seen, during a high school game.

A few years back, diving into the end zone on a breakaway scoring run was all the rage. Several runners were penalized, rightly so. They had seen, they had copied.

I’m all for fun, but excessive celebrations can lead to hard feelings.
Here are suggestions for touchdown scorers, interceptors, sackers, or any player in a celebratory mood:

-High-five a teammate.

-Hug the guys who blocked for you.

-Jump up and down. Holler.

-Run to the sideline for more hugs. There’s always a party there after touchdowns.

-Wave to your family, buddies or girlfriend(s) in the stands. They’ll love sharing the moment with you.

-None of these will get you ejected.

-Cliff Mehrtens


Andrew said...

Cliff, what about pointing to God? I guess we should wait until such an incident takes place to mention it.

North Carolina Mortgage said...

How about hug the guy who you 'ran past' to score the touchdown?


Andrew said...

i think you might be on do something there nc mortage

Anonymous said...

Spike the ball dogonit!

Call It Like I See It said...

Thank you Cliff. Now go to the next cube and talk some sense into LW.