Monday, October 29, 2007

Knotts talks retirement and private school playoffs

It's now officially Independence High's time of the year.

The Patriots play a key game with Butler Friday at Memorial Stadium. Independence has already clinched a share of its eighth straight conference title but needs to win against the Bulldogs to have a shot at having home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

That's key for a team that hasn't been played on an opponent's home field in the postseason since 2000.

Independence has won 114 straight games against N.C. competition and 42 straight postseason games. Patriots coach Tom Knotts, who has had to juggle his lineup this season due to injuries, is liking where his 9-1 team is right now.

"We've stepped it up a notch with DeVonte Holloman at quarterback and two big tight ends and just running the football," Knotts said. "The kids have confidence in DeVonte and know he can make things happen. He's a great leader."

Knotts said Holloman will likely remain the starter at quarterback, though he's been working with original starter Anthony Carrothers in practice with a passing attack. Carrothers missed several games with an ankle injury and is just getting back to form.

"We've got two distinct packages," Knotts said.

I also asked Knotts about retirement last week. We were talking about Country Day and Charlotte Latin and how well those schools are doing, especially against public school competition. His answer surprised me.

"I see the (private school-public school) scores," he said. "Schools that can draw from all over, it's a different ballgame. So, no it doesn't surprise me they do well. I'll probably retire one day to one of those, to a private situation."

Knotts at Country Day or Christian or Latin or Providence Day -- or even Victory Christian -- could be very interesting if those schools had an opening in a few years when he's ready.


Here are Friday's first round N.C. Independent School football playoff pairings:
No. 8 North Raleigh Christian (1-9) at No. 1 Charlotte Latin (10-0)
No. 5 Providence Day (6-3) at No. 4 Victory Christian (4-3)
No. 7 Raleigh Ravenscroft (6-4) at No. 2 Charlotte Christian (8-2)
No. 6 Forsyth Country Day (6-4) at No. 3 Charlotte Country Day (8-2)

Note: The Latin-North Raleigh winner plays Prov Day/Victory winner in the semifinals. The Raleigh/Christian winner plays the Forsyth/Country Day winner.
Langston Wertz Jr.


Anonymous said...

Well TK the road stops friday when the DAWGS come to town.The DAWGS could be sending you to char. latin after friday.

Anonymous said...

haha are you serious? the "dogs" need to beat east meck then we'll talk

Anonymous said...

Seriously!?! Knotts insults the private schools in one breath by saying they can draw from all over and then says he wants to be one when he retires?!
What a crock! Where does Independence draw from? HALF the FREAKING county and these kids at the Big I don't pay 16k per year to go to school.

Get a clue Tom and go back to Duke! Oh that didn't work out too well for you, did it.

Anonymous said...

If any other team in Char Meck had a coach half as good as TK they would be undefeated too

Anonymous said...

Knotts on the money. Privates enjoy legal recruiting like colleges unlike publics who must take their district only. Privates are privlege characters. He knows Indys days numbered too.
Latin CC or CD would cough up big bucks for him and he would take the best players with him without any hassles.

Anonymous said...

yea he is a crock the man draws from all over the country.Nah he failed at college football and he was nothing but a Qb coach. lol.A private would be crazy to spend alot of money on an old crazy knotts.

Anonymous said...

Tom Knotts doesn't know what he's talking about..... I know for a fact Country Day doesn't recruit. I can't speak to the other programs, but to make a slight at what the independent schools are doing is pretty low class considering some of Independence's actions in the last couple of years (READ Rod Chisolm). And County Day is pretty happy with their coach right now in Bob Witman...... who is a better coach & man than Tom Knotts could ever hope to be. And I don't think Latin wants to get rid of Larry McKnulty either considering his success at the school.

Anonymous said...

Look at Tom's record.... he gets the job done.. bottom line

Anonymous said...

why does everyone think private schools recruit i go to PD and we definently dont recruit. And i dont know of any of the other privates recruiting either.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

LW -- Those aren't the only private school pairings this week. SouthLake Christian (Huntersville) plays host to Westminster Catawba; First Assembly (Concord) plays Fayetteville Christian; and Hickory Grove (Charlotte)plays Harrells Christian. They are all in Division II of the NCISSA. I guess your blog is like the rest of the Observer sports coverage -- lacking in more ways than 1.

private school said...

He is very good coach indeed. If any other team would have any other coach half of his ability even then that team can manage to win the game. Definitely now down trend will start of this high school.