Friday, September 14, 2007

Victory Christian tries to ask a question of Latin

It's 7:21 and kickoff of tonight's Victory Christian-Charlotte Latin showdown is nine minutes away. Everybody is talking about heavy rain blanketing the Charlotte area, but over here on Providence Road in south Charlotte, the skies are clear.

As my grandma, Lillie McNeely was fond of saying, it hasn't rained a dry drop over here.

In warmups, Victory Christian looks large and impressive, a group of former NFL players stalking around the teenagers giving them advance instruction.

Latin fans are a little nervous about tonight's game, talking about all the Division I potential players are on the Kings team. I think there are at least 10, but Latin has six or seven of its own. There aren't too many games in Charlotte this season -- public or private -- that will have this kind of talent on the field.

Langston Wertz Jr.


Anonymous said...

It appears that top level coaching does not always guarantee success,even with many top level prospects it seems the Latin system is years ahead.I say this with respect to Latin but a ignorance to the fans at Latin. If recruiting were an art, they would be Da Vinci... But since they don't recruit I guess they are simply paint by numbers. IN THE END THEY ARE A SUPERIOR "team" to Victory Christian but don't be suprised in 5 years if the tables are turned....


clm0912 said...

top level coaching? Latin has one of the best coaches in high school football period. Thats why everyone chases Latin year after year