Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sights & Sounds | Indy streak ends

It will be a long time – if ever – before we see a winning streak as long as Independence’s 109 in football.

Seven years.

No losses. Lots of pressure.

It ended at 11:15 p.m. Saturday in a 41-34 overtime loss to unranked Cincinnati Elder.

Sights and sounds from the upset:

• Independence, as hard as it must have been, stopped in the corner of the field, turned back and briefly watched Elder celebrate.

• Elder’s purple-clad fans stormed the field, and spilled dangerously close to where Independence was gathered. But trash talk didn’t happen. The Panthers and their fans were too busy wallowing in pure joy.

• Independence athletics director Kelly Lewis, slumped against a rail, asking “How did we let that game get away?”

• Sunday’s headline in the Cincinnati Enquirer: “Purple Ends Reign.”

• Independence’s defense – outside of Jarvis Pierce’s three sacks – wasn’t effective. Three pass interference penalties. A roughing-the-passer penalty. It allowed 377 yards, and 23 first downs. And didn’t force any turnovers.

The offense, dominant with four touchdowns in the first half, was sluggish in the second. An interception on the first possession in the third quarter was returned to the Independence 1, which resulted in a gift touchdown. Independence’s second possession was a lost fumble.

• Coaches reminding players to “keep your heads up” as they sulked toward the bus.

• Small consolation, but Independence had some solid individual statistics. Javon Rembert caught 12 passes for 202 yards and a touchdown. Anthony Carrothers was 25-of-36 for 346 yards and two scores. Rod Chisholm ran for 100 yards and three touchdowns on 21 carries.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I finally know what the heck happened, as far as fumbles key interceptions and stuff; you know, the big time game details. No one else has went into detail like you have.
How about some video game clips??
Former bIg player.

Anonymous said...

As someone who played high school ball in Cincinnati, I can tell you that there should be no shame in this loss. Cincinnati football is superb. Consider:

The #5 team in Cincy lost to the best team in Indiana by 1 point

The #4 team in Cincy lost to Mission Viejo - a California power by 4 points at the end of the game

The #3 team, Elder, beat Indy as we know

#2 team Colerain, beat Hoover High from Alabama (of MTV fame)

#1 team, St Xavier beat DeMatha out of Maryland which was the #7 team in the country 28 - 7 without St X having its starting tailback

Obviously Cincinnati football is incredibly competitive but indy could have/should have won the game. Kyle Rudolph, the 6'8" Tight End won the game for Elder. I was fortunate to be there and it was a great game. I thought Indy was going to walk away with it at first.

Anonymous said...

Indy has been playing patty cake teams for years. Lets be honest, Florida high school ball is second to none. Just look what booker T Washington did to SC power summerville on national TV, Two words, "blow out"! Schools from the north avoid playing Florida high school teams for fear of embarrasment "Summerville who?" Indy would get smashed playing Miami Northwestern, Miami Carol City, Bradenton Manatee, i could go on.......

Michael Mackey said...

Ive never seen soooo much jealousy over Indy's streak...everything from recruiting, to them "playing Patty cake teams".....its like crabs in a barrell.....always pulling each other back down. Indy can play with anyone in this country....and if some of you know know...on any given day...any team can win...just ask App. State. I guess, when that team in Cali lost and their streak was broken, it was because they were playing patty cake teams...we all know florida,texas,ohio, and cali has some of the best highschool football played in this country, and I respect them all...but even powerful florida teams, get smashed by teams from GA....does that make GA highschool football better than florida?? "On any given day"...........Football is played on the field fellas....stop "hate'n" and showing your jealousy so much through your comments of hate on Indy's streak.....LOL Some of you sound like kids.